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Abate, Michelle. "Art Spiegelman’s In the Shadow of No Towers as Board Book: From the matter of materiality to the way that materiality matters." Jeunesse 7. 2 2015. Accessed 17 Feb. 2016. <http://www.jeunessejour ... p/yptc/article/view/253>.   
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Alemán, Alvaro. "Paraliterary Immersion and the Puzzleform: An essay in social restitution." ImageTexT 2. 1 2005. Accessed 26 Jun. 2013. <http://www.english.ufl. ... t/archives/v2_1/aleman/>.   
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Alexandratos, Jonathan and Daniel F. Yezbick. "Articulate This! Critical action figure studies and material culture." Comics Studies Here and Now. Ed. Frederick Luis Aldama. Routledge Advances in Comics Studies. London: Routledge, 2018. 102–20.   
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Austin, Carolyn F. "The Endurance of Ash: Melancholia and the persistance of the material in charlotte salomon’s leben? oder theater?." Biography 31. (2008): 103–32.   
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Bachmann, Christian A. Metamedialität und Materialität im Comic: Zeitungscomic – comicheft – comicbuch. Bildnarrative. Berlin: Ch.A. Bachmann, 2016.   
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Backe, Hans-Joachim, et al., eds. Ästhetik des Gemachten: Interdisziplinäre beiträge zur animations- und comicforschung. Berlin u. Boston: de Gruyter, 2018.   
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Baetens, Jan. "History Against the Grain? On the relationship between visual aesthetics and historical interpretation in the contemporary spanish graphic novel." Rethinking History 6. (2002): 345–56.   
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Baetens, Jan. "Of Graphic Novels and Minor Cultures: The fréon collective." Yale French Studies 114. (2008): 95–115.   
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Baetens, Jan. "Un chronotope à personnage ajouté: Le nouveau fantastique des cités obscures (schuiten–peeters)." Brumal 5. 1 2017. Accessed 12 Jun. 2019. < ... icle/view/v5-n1-baetens>.   
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Balzer, Jens. "Materialität und Geometrie: Comics von »frigo«, »amok« und »l’association«." Schreibheft (1998): 137–38.   
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Bartosch, Sebastian. "Understanding comics’ mediality as an actor-network: Some elements of translation in the works of brian fies and dylan horrocks." Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics 7. (2016): 242–53.   
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Berndt, Jaqueline. "Hand in Hand: Kouno fumiyos mangaserie kono sekai no katasumi ni (in this corner of the world) im vergleich zur anime-adaptation durch katabuchi sunao." Ästhetik des Gemachten. Interdisziplinäre Beiträge zur Animations- und Comicforschung. Eds. Hans-Joachim Backe, et al. Berlin u. Boston: de Gruyter, 2018. 53–84.   
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Borchert, Angela. "Die Produktion von Karikatur in der Karikatur: Zeichnungs-, schreib- und druckszenen in französischen und deutschen illustrierten satire-journalen (1830–1848)." Colloquia Germanica 49. (2016): 201–34.   
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Borkent, Mike. "Post/Avant Comics: Bpnichol’s material poetics and comics art manifestos." Avant Canada. Poets, Prophets, Revolutionaries. Eds. Gregory Betts and Christian Bök. Waterloo: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press, 2019. 95–115.   
Added by: joachim 1/31/19, 3:34 PM
Bredehoft, Thomas A. The Visible Text: Textual production and reproduction from beowulf to maus. Oxford Textual Perspectives. New York: Oxford Univ. Press, 2014.   
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Brillenburg Wurth, Kiene. "Posthumanities and Post-textualities: Reading the raw shark texts and woman’s world." Comparative Literature 63. (2011): 119–41.   
Added by: joachim 3/16/14, 3:16 PM
Brillenburg Wurth, Kiene, Sara Rosa Espi, and Inge van de Ven. "Visual Text and Media Divergence: Analogue literary writing in a digital age." European Journal of English Studies 17. (2013): 92–108.   
Added by: joachim 8/25/13, 3:02 PM
Brown, Kieron Michael. "Comics, Materiality, and the Limits of Media Combinations." ImageTexT 9. 3 2018. Accessed 27 Feb. 2018. <http://www.english.ufl. ... xt/archives/v9_3/brown/>.   
Added by: joachim 2/27/18, 11:46 PM
Bukatman, Scott. Hellboy’s World: Comics and monsters on the margins. Berkeley: Univ. of California Press, 2016.   
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Calvert, Sheena. "Materia Secunda, text-as-image." Book 2.0 1. (2011): 139–61.   
Added by: joachim 12/26/13, 3:15 PM
Carney, Sean. "The Ear of the Eye, or, Do Drawings Make Sounds?." English Language Notes 46. (2008): 193–209.   
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Carroll, Ruth, et al. "Pragmatics on the Page: Visual text in late medieval english books." European Journal of English Studies 17. (2013): 54–71.   
Added by: joachim 8/25/13, 1:26 PM
Chassagnol, Anne. "L’immeuble mode d’emploi: building stories ou l’art de dégrafer le roman graphique américain." Revue de recherche en civilisation américaine 5 2015. Accessed 20 Feb. 2017. <>.   
Last edited by: joachim 2/20/17, 3:41 PM
Christopher, Brandon. "Rethinking Comics and Visuality, from the Audio Daredevil to Philipp Meyer's Life." Disability Studies Quarterly 38. 3 2018. Accessed 17 May. 2019. <>.   
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Cook, Roy T. and Aaron Meskin. "Comics, Prints, and Multiplicity." Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 73. (2015): 57–67.   
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Crucifix, Benoît. "From loose to boxed fragments and back again: Seriality and archive in chris ware’s building stories." Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics 9. (2018): 3–22.   
Last edited by: joachim 2/17/19, 8:48 AM
Crucifix, Benoît. Drawing from the Archives: Comics memory in the contemporary graphic novel. Cambridge Studies in Graphic Narratives. Cambridge [etc.]: Cambridge Univ. Press, 2023.   
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DeForest, Tim. Storytelling in the Pulps, Comics, and Radio: How technology changed popular fiction in america. Jefferson, London: McFarland, 2004.   
Added by: joachim 11/26/09, 10:52 AM
Deneyer, François. Petites histoires originales: Un voyage parmi les planches originales de la bande dessinée. Bruxelles: Éd. Musée Jijé, 2016.   
Added by: joachim 8/29/20, 11:32 AM
Drucker, Johanna. "What is Graphic about Graphic Novels?." English Language Notes 46. (2008): 39–55.   
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Eckhoff-Heindl, Nina. Comics begreifen: Ästhetische erfahrung durch visuell-taktiles erzählen in chris wares building stories. Bild+Bild. Berlin: Reimer, 2023.   
Last edited by: joachim 2/5/23, 3:11 PM
Fjellestad, Danuta. "Forging Uniqueness in Contemporary Fiction Books." Image [&] Narrative 20. 1 2019. Accessed 4 Apr. 2019. <http://www.imageandnarr ... ative/article/view/2070>.   
Last edited by: joachim 5/20/19, 10:18 AM
Frahm, Ole. "Enthauptung: independent comics und ihre unabhängigkeit von bürgerlichen kunstbegriffen." Comics. Zur Theorie und Geschichte eines populärkulturellen Mediums. Eds. Stephan Ditschke, Katerina Kroucheva and Daniel Stein. Bielefeld: Transcript, 2009. 179–200.   
Last edited by: joachim 11/16/21, 6:20 PM
Geyh, Paula. "Between Word and Image." The Cambridge Companion to Postmodern American Fiction. Ed. Paula Geyh. Cambridge [etc.]: Cambridge Univ. Press, 2017. 163–80.   
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Ghosal, Torsa. "Books with Bodies: Narrative progression in chris ware’s building stories." Storyworlds 7. (2015): 75–99.   
Added by: joachim 9/19/15, 4:39 PM
Grant, Pat. "Bodies on the Boards: Materiality and movement in the production of comic books and graphic novels." PhD Thesis. Macquarie University, 2014.   
Added by: joachim 1/5/18, 12:54 PM
Haddad, Vincent. "Chris Ware’s Building Stories as Deleuzian Fabulation, or How and Why to Read Comics Affectively." ImageTexT 8. 4 2016. Accessed 20 Feb. 2017. <http://www.english.ufl. ... t/archives/v8_4/haddad/>.   
Added by: joachim 2/20/17, 12:14 PM
Hagener, Malte. "Digital/digitus: Die geste in den pixar-animationsfilmen." Ästhetik des Gemachten. Interdisziplinäre Beiträge zur Animations- und Comicforschung. Eds. Hans-Joachim Backe, et al. Berlin u. Boston: de Gruyter, 2018. 11–26.   
Last edited by: joachim 6/9/22, 2:50 PM
Hänselmann, Matthias C. "Das Gemachte als Bewusst-Gemachtes: Produktive und rezeptive dimensionen von materialität und materialtransparenz im film." Ästhetik des Gemachten. Interdisziplinäre Beiträge zur Animations- und Comicforschung. Eds. Hans-Joachim Backe, et al. Berlin u. Boston: de Gruyter, 2018. 27–52.   
Last edited by: joachim 6/9/22, 2:05 PM
Heindl, Nina. "Opazität und Transparenz: Überlegungen zum poietischen potenzial in chris wares comics und animationen." Ästhetik des Gemachten. Interdisziplinäre Beiträge zur Animations- und Comicforschung. Eds. Hans-Joachim Backe, et al. Berlin u. Boston: de Gruyter, 2018. 177–202.   
Added by: joachim 10/3/18, 1:14 PM
Hogben, Lancelot. From the Cave Painting to the Comic Strip: A kaleidoscope of human communication. 2nd ed. Kessinger Publ. 2005.   
Added by: joachim 12/15/09, 2:57 PM
Hutton, Robert. "A Mouse in the Bookstore: maus and the publishing industry." South Central Review 32. (2015): 30–44.   
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de la Iglesia, Martin. "The Task of Manga Translation: akira in the west." The Comics Grid 6. 1 2016. Accessed 23 Jan. 2016. <>.   
Last edited by: joachim 1/23/16, 2:20 PM
Joseph, Michael. "Seeing the Visible Book: How graphic novels resist reading." Children’s Literature Association Quarterly 37. (2012): 454–67.   
Added by: joachim 9/16/14, 1:42 PM
Kashtan, Aaron. "Digital comics and material richness." Comics Forum 2013. Accessed 1 Sep. 2013. < ... hness-by-aaron-kashtan/>.   
Added by: joachim 9/1/13, 10:16 PM
Kashtan, Aaron. "My mother was a typewriter: fun home and the importance of materiality in comics studies." Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics 4. (2013): 92–116.   
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Kashtan, Aaron. Using Materiality to Teach Comics. Comic Arts Conference: San Diego, 18—21 Jul, 2013.   
Added by: joachim 7/25/13, 2:27 PM
Kashtan, Aaron. "“And it Had Everything in it”: building stories, comics, and the book of the future." Studies in the Novel 47. (2015): 420–47.   
Last edited by: joachim 11/22/20, 4:34 PM
Kashtan, Aaron. Between Pen and Pixel: Comics, materiality, and the book of the future. Studies in Comics and Cartoons. Columbus: Ohio State Univ. Press, 2018.   
Last edited by: joachim 9/5/18, 12:43 AM
Kashtan, Aaron. "Talismans: Using comics to teach multimodal writing." Class, Please Open Your Comics. Essays on Teaching with Graphic Narratives. Ed. Matthew L. Miller. Jefferson: McFarland, 2015. 103–16.   
Last edited by: joachim 11/22/20, 5:01 PM
Kelley, Rich. "The Library of America interviews Art Spiegelman about Lynd Ward." 2010. Accessed 14 Aug. 2013. < ... _Spiegelman_on_Ward.pdf>.   
Added by: joachim 8/14/13, 10:15 AM
Kidson, Mike. "William Hogarth: Printing techniques and comics." International Journal of Comic Art 1. (1999): 76–89.   
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Kirtz, Jaime Lee. "Computers, Comics and Cult Status: A forensics of digital graphic novels." Digital Humanities Quarterly 8. 3 2014. Accessed 30 Mar. 2015. <http://www.digitalhuman ... /8/3/000185/000185.html>.   
Added by: joachim 3/30/15, 10:17 PM
Konopka, Hannah. "»Simple Gag?«: Marc-antoine mathieus buchgestaltung." Bücher als Kunstwerke. Von der Literatur zum Künstlerbuch. Eds. Monika Schmitz-Emans and Christian A. Bachmann. Mirabiblia. Forschungen zum Künstlerbuch. Bochum: Ch.A. Bachmann, 2013. 261–72.   
Last edited by: joachim 12/11/15, 11:36 AM
Kuskin, William. "Batman in the Trash: Canon construction and bibliography." English Language Notes 46. (2008): 57–69.   
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Lamarre, Thomas. "Platonic Sex: Perversion and shôjo anime (part two)." Animation 2. (2007): 9–25.   
Added by: joachim 11/6/10, 1:34 AM
Lydenberg, Robin. "Reading Lessons in Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic." College Literature 44. (2017): 133–65.   
Added by: joachim 4/19/23, 6:19 PM
Martin, Côme. "Littérature visuelle et matérialité du livre: Jonathan safran foer, tom phillips et chris ware à l’aune du livre d’artiste." Forma 8 2013. Accessed 7 Oct. 2014. < ... rma/article/view/271272>.   
Last edited by: joachim 3/10/17, 10:59 AM
Martin, Côme. "Print as Remediation for the Multimedia? Elasticity of multimodal narratives." 7 2019. Accessed 15 Jan. 2021. <https://climas.u-bordea ... -narratives-come-martin>.   
Added by: joachim 1/15/21, 1:07 PM
Meyer, Christina. "»Noch besser, bunter und mehr davon«: Comicproduktion und comicästhetik im 19. jahrhundert." Ästhetik des Gemachten. Interdisziplinäre Beiträge zur Animations- und Comicforschung. Eds. Hans-Joachim Backe, et al. Berlin u. Boston: de Gruyter, 2018. 151–76.   
Added by: joachim 8/13/20, 10:02 AM
Murray, Padmini Ray. "Scott Pilgrim vs the future of comics publishing." Studies in Comics 3. (2012): 129–42.   
Added by: joachim 1/8/13, 2:46 PM
Nordenstam, Anna and Margareta Wallin Wictorin. "Comics craftivism: Embroidery in contemporary swedish feminist comics." Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics (2021): 1–19.   
Last edited by: joachim 4/18/21, 5:03 PM
Oppolzer, Markus. "Reaching an audience: The publication history of david hine’s strange embrace." Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics 7. (2016): 268–82.   
Last edited by: joachim 10/19/20, 1:58 PM
Orbán, Katalin. "A Language of Scratches and Stitches: The graphic novel between hyperreading and print." Critical Inquiry 40. (2014): 169–81.   
Added by: joachim 6/25/14, 8:24 AM
Phillips, Kendall R. "Textual Strategies, Plastic Tactics: Reading batman and barbie." Journal of Material Culture 7. (2002): 123–36.   
Last edited by: joachim 10/30/10, 7:10 PM
Podraza, Morgan. "RAW Materials." The Routledge Companion to the British and North American Literary Magazine. Ed. Tim Lanzendörfer. London, New York: Routledge, 2021. 391–400.   
Last edited by: joachim 5/23/24, 10:29 AM
Priego Ramirez, Ernesto F. "On Cultural Materialism, Comics and Digital Media." Opticon1826 9 2010. Accessed 25 Jul. 2013. <>.   
Added by: joachim 7/25/13, 2:28 AM
Priego Ramirez, Ernesto F. "The comic book in the age of digital reproduction." Doctoral thesis PhD. University College London, 2011.   
Last edited by: joachim 8/13/14, 10:59 PM
Rageul, Anthony. "La bande dessinée saisie par le numérique: Formes et enjeux du récit reconfiguré par l’interactivité." Thèse de doctorat. Université européenne de Bretagne, 2014.   
Added by: joachim 8/20/18, 11:56 AM
Rauscher, Andreas. "Die Cartoon-Modalitäten des Batman-Franchise und die Gemachtheit von Gotham City." Ästhetik des Gemachten. Interdisziplinäre Beiträge zur Animations- und Comicforschung. Eds. Hans-Joachim Backe, et al. Berlin u. Boston: de Gruyter, 2018. 305–34.   
Last edited by: joachim 6/9/22, 2:15 PM
del Rey Cabero, Enrique. "Beyond Linearity: Holistic, multidirectional, multilinear and translinear reading in comics." The Comics Grid 9 2019. Accessed 20 Feb. 2020. <https://www.comicsgrid. ... ticles/10.16995/cg.137/>.   
Last edited by: joachim 2/20/20, 6:12 PM
Rifkind, Candida. "The Biotopographies of Seth’s George Sprott (1894–1975)." Material Cultures in Canada. Eds. Thomas Allen and Jennifer Blair. Waterloo: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press, 2015. 225–46.   
Last edited by: joachim 12/20/18, 12:18 PM
Risthaus, Peter. "Ent-sinnung: Die heimliche comic-theorie des jacques derrida?." Schreibheft (1998): 225–27.   
Last edited by: joachim 9/25/18, 7:55 PM
Rust, Martha. "“It's a Magical World”: The page in comics and medieval manuscripts." English Language Notes 46. (2008): 23–38.   
Last edited by: joachim 6/25/10, 10:48 AM
Sackmann, Eckart. "Keine Sprechblasen." Rraah! (1998).   
Added by: joachim 5/8/15, 9:06 AM
Sackmann, Eckart. "Kaspar Braun: »Der Gockel«." Deutsche Comicforschung 5. (2009): 16–20.   
Added by: joachim 12/11/09, 12:23 AM
Schmitz-Emans, Monika. "Comic." Handbuch Medien der Literatur. Eds. Natalie Binczek, Till Dembeck and Jörgen Schäfer. Berlin u. Boston: de Gruyter, 2013. 459–66.   
Last edited by: joachim 8/3/22, 10:53 AM
Schmitz-Emans, Monika. "Das Buch als labyrinthischer Raum: Literarisch-ästhetische versuchsanordnungen." Raum und Gefühl. Der Spatial Turn und die neue Emotionsforschung. Ed. Gertrud Lehnert. Metabasis. Bielefeld: Transcript, 2011. 276–97.   
Added by: joachim 2/23/16, 11:01 AM
Scorer, James. "Comics and the slaughterhouse: Alberto breccia and the neighbourhood of mataderos." Journal of Urban Cultural Studies 5. (2018): 281–97.   
Last edited by: joachim 9/22/21, 4:17 PM
Spurgeon, Tom. "Mini-Comics: Comics’ secret lifeblood." The Education of a Comics Artist. Visual Narrative in Cartoons, Graphic Novels, and Beyond. Eds. Michael Dooley and Steven Heller. New York: Allworth Pr. 2005. 133–37.   
Last edited by: joachim 4/11/12, 1:47 PM
Stein, Daniel. "‘Mummified objects’: Superhero comics in the digital age." Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics 7. (2016): 283–92.   
Last edited by: joachim 10/19/20, 2:25 PM
Stein, Daniel. Authorizing Superhero Comics: On the evolution of a popular serial genre. Studies in Comics and Cartoons. Columbus: Ohio State Univ. Press, 2021.   
Last edited by: joachim 12/5/21, 11:33 AM
Takehana, Elise. The Baroque Technotext: Literature in a digital mediascape. Bristol, Chicago: Intellect Books, 2020.   
Last edited by: joachim 3/14/20, 1:11 AM
Thon, Jan-Noël and Lukas R. A. Wilde. "Mediality and materiality of contemporary comics." Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics 7. (2016): 233–41.   
Last edited by: joachim 8/21/16, 9:24 AM
Thoss, Jeff. "Der Comic als Archiv der Populärkultur: Alan moore und kevin o’neills ›materialsammlung‹ black dossier." Ästhetik des Gemachten. Interdisziplinäre Beiträge zur Animations- und Comicforschung. Eds. Hans-Joachim Backe, et al. Berlin u. Boston: de Gruyter, 2018. 285–304.   
Last edited by: joachim 10/3/18, 12:57 PM
Tinker, Emma. "Manuscript in Print: The materiality of alternative comics." Literature Compass 4. 4 2007. Accessed 14 Jun. 2019. <https://onlinelibrary.w ... .1741-4113.2007.00478.x>.   
Last edited by: joachim 6/14/19, 8:01 PM
Wannamaker, Annette. "“This Is a Well-Loved Book”: Weighing (in on) jeff smith’s bone." Graphic Novels for Children and Young Adults. A Collection of Critical Essays. Eds. Michelle Ann Abate and Gwen Athene Tarbox. Children’s Literature Association Series. Jackson: Univ. Press of Mississippi, 2017. 19–31.   
Last edited by: joachim 9/1/18, 9:37 AM
Werner, Susanne. "Grafien des Comic: Der comic als aufschreibesystem der grafischen kulturtechniken des 19. jahrhunderts." Diplomarbeit Dipl. Kulturwiss. Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, 2004.   
Last edited by: joachim 8/13/10, 12:37 AM
Wershler, Darren. "Digital Comics, Circulation, and the Importance of Being Eric Sluis." Cinema Journal 50. (2011): 127–34.   
Added by: joachim 7/2/11, 1:55 PM
Wilde, Lukas R. A. "Distinguishing Mediality: The problem of identifying forms and features of digital comics." Networking Knowledge 8. 4 2015. Accessed 3 Jul. 2015. < ... ow/article/view/386/215>.   
Last edited by: joachim 7/3/15, 10:59 AM
Wirag, Lino. "Ästhetische Produktion als Figuration am Beispiel der Comicentwurfsforschung." 2012. Accessed 25 Jun. 2013. < ... ung_Vortragsmanuskript_>.   
Last edited by: joachim 6/27/13, 3:23 PM
Yockey, Matt. "The invisible teenager: Comic book materiality and the amateur films of don glut." Transformative Works and Cultures 16 2014. Accessed 17 Jun. 2019. <https://journal.transfo ... hp/twc/article/view/506>.   
Added by: joachim 6/17/19, 10:03 AM
Żaglewski, Tomasz. "The Unwrapped Editions: Searching for the “ultimate” format of graphic novels and its limitations." ImageTexT 11. 3 2020. Accessed 19 Oct. 2020. <https://imagetextjourna ... ls-and-its-limitations/>.   
Last edited by: joachim 9/1/22, 9:04 PM
Zehnder, Frank Günther, ed. WOW! 100 Jahre Comics: Die originale. Kataloge des Rheinischen Landesmuseums Bonn. Köln: Rheinland-Verl. 1996.   
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