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Alkazemi, Mariam F. "Kuwaiti political cartoons during the Arab Spring: Agenda setting and self-censorship." Journalism (2014).  
Added by: joachim 3/13/15, 6:39 PM
Bentahar, Ziad. "Tintin in the Arab World and Arabic in the World of Tintin." Alternative Francophone 1.5 2012. Accessed 1 Jan. 2018. <https://journals.librar ... p/af/article/view/12250>.  
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Deeb, Mary-Jane. "The 99: Superhero Comic Books from the Arab World." Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East 32.(2012): 391–407.  
Added by: joachim 3/13/15, 6:16 PM
Di Ricco, Massimo. "Drawing for a New Public: Middle Eastern 9th Art and the Emergence of a Transnational Graphic Movement." Postcolonial Comics. Texts, Events, Identities. Eds. Binita Mehta and Pia Mukherji. London: Routledge, 2015. 187–203.  
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Diamond, Matthew. "No Laughing Matter: Post-September 11 Political Cartoons in Arab/Muslim Newspapers." Political Communication 19.(2002): 251–72.  
Added by: joachim 8/29/16, 10:05 AM
Douglas, Allen and Fedwa Malti-Douglas. Arab Comic Strips: Politics of an Emerging Mass Culture. Arab & Islamic Studies. Bloomington: Indiana Univ. Press, 1994.  
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Dubbati, Barkuzar. "The Woman in Hijab as a Freak: Super(Muslim)woman in Deena Mohamed’s Webcomic Qahera." Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics 8.(2017): 433–49.  
Last edited by: joachim 9/5/17, 11:59 AM
Edwin, Shirin. "Islam’s Trojan horse: Battling perceptions of Muslim women in The 99." Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics 3.(2012): 171–99.  
Last edited by: joachim 2/1/22, 3:28 PM
Enderwitz, Susanne. "“The 99”: Islamic Superheroes – A New Species?." Transcultural Turbulences. Towards a Multi-Sited Reading of Image Flows. Eds. Christiane Brosius and Roland Wenzlhuemer. Transcultural Research. New York: Springer, 2011. 83–95.  
Last edited by: joachim 4/5/16, 1:55 PM
Endres, Christian. "Helden für alle: Die Superheldenserie The 99 als Brückenschlag zwischen westlicher und muslimischer Kultur." Das Science Fiction Jahr 8.(2011): 749–54.  
Added by: joachim 7/20/17, 12:35 PM
Freedman, Leonard. The Offensive Art: Political Satire and Its Censorship around the World from Beerbohm to Borat. Westport: Greenwood, 2009.  
Added by: joachim 2/21/13, 8:51 PM
Hartmann, Regina. "Betrachtungen zur arabischen Version von ASTERIX: Ein Übersetzungsvergleich." Linguistische Berichte 81.(1982): 1–31.  
Last edited by: joachim 6/2/15, 9:25 PM
Høigilt, Jacob. Comics in Contemporary Arab Culture: Politics, Language and Resistance. Library of Modern Middle East Studies. London, New York: I. B. Tauris, 2018.  
Last edited by: joachim 11/5/19, 10:38 AM
Jbara, Abdelghani and John A. Lent. "Using Comics in Development in the Arab World: Prospects and Impediments." International Journal of Comic Art 9.(2007): 226–42.  
Added by: Deleted user 9/3/09, 2:51 PM
Køhlert, Frederik Byrn. Serial Selves: Identity and Representation in Autobiographical Comics. New Brunswick: Rutgers Univ. Press, 2019.  
Last edited by: joachim 6/7/19, 10:19 AM
Malti-Douglas, Fedwa. "Children's Books and Cartoons." The Encyclopedia of the Modern Islamic World. Ed. John L. Esposito. Vol. 1. New York: Oxford Univ. Press, 1995. 98–103.  
Last edited by: joachim 11/17/09, 1:49 AM
Meier, Stefan. "“Truth, Justice, and the Islamic Way” Conceiving the Cosmopolitan Muslim Superhero in The 99." Transnational Perspectives on Graphic Narratives. Comics at the Crossroads. Eds. Shane Denson, Christina Meyer and Daniel Stein. New York: Bloomsbury, 2013. 181–94.  
Added by: joachim 4/20/13, 12:13 AM
Mitchell, Adrielle. "Distributed identity: Networking image fragments in graphic memoirs." Studies in Comics 1.(2010): 257–79.  
Last edited by: joachim 11/27/19, 4:31 PM
Rifas, Leonard. "The Image of Arabs in US Comic Books." Itchy Planet (1988).  
Added by: joachim 9/8/10, 10:32 AM
Santo, Avi. "“Is It a Camel? Is It a Turban? No, It’s The 99” Branding Islamic Superheroes as Authentic Global Cultural Commodities." Television & New Media 15.(2014): 679–95.  
Added by: joachim 3/13/15, 2:34 PM
Shaheen, Jack G. "Arab Images in American Comic Books." Journal of Popular Culture 28.(1994): 123–33.  
Last edited by: joachim 9/14/10, 2:15 AM
Strömberg, Fredrik. "“Yo, rag-head!” Arab and Muslim Superheroes in American Comic Books after 9/11." Amerikastudien 56.(2011): 573–602.  
Last edited by: joachim 4/25/15, 9:28 PM
Ulmer, Jesse and Patty Paine. "Orality to Image: Traditional Qatari Narratives and Visual Media." International Journal of the Book 8.(2011): 71–76.  
Added by: joachim 3/1/12, 10:08 AM
Zitawi, Jehan Ibrahim. "The Translation of Disney Comics in the Arab World: A Pragmatic Perspective." Thesis PhD. University of Manchester, 2004.  
Last edited by: joachim 8/17/10, 8:06 PM
Zitawi, Jehan Ibrahim. "Contextualizing Disney Comics within the Arab Cultur." Meta 53.(2008): 139–53.  
Added by: joachim 9/28/09, 5:42 PM
Zitawi, Jehan Ibrahim. "Disney comics in the Arab Culture(s): A Pragmatic Perspective." Comics in Translation. Ed. Federico Zanettin. Manchester: St. Jerome, 2008.  
Added by: joachim 9/21/09, 5:26 PM
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