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Abdel-Raheem, Ahmed. "The multimodal recycling machine: Toward a cognitive-pragmatic theory of the text/image production." Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics (2019).  
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Abusch, Dorit. "Applying Discourse Semantics and Pragmatics to Co-reference in Picture Sequences." Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 17. Eds. Emmanuel Chemla, Vincent Homer and Grégoire Winterstein. Washington: Linguistic Society of America, 2013. 9–25.  
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Abusch, Dorit. "Temporal Succession and Aspectual Type in Visual Narrative." The Art and Craft of Semantics. A Festschrift for Irene Heim. Eds. Luka Crnič and Uli Sauerland. MITWPL. Cambridge: MIT Working Papers in Linguistics, 2014. 9–29.  
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Adler, Silvia. "Silence in the graphic novel." Journal of Pragmatics 43.(2011): 2278–85.  
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Adler, Silvia. "Silent and semi-silent arguments in the graphic novel." Pragmatics 23.(2013): 389–402.  
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Allègre, Dominique. Astérix dévoilé: Argot, jeux de mots et gauloiseries. Démons et merveilles. Agnières: Le Temps Présent, 2013.  
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Armour, William S. and Sumiko Iida. "Using the revised Bloom’s taxonomy to reflect on the teaching of the Japanese language through ‘manga’ and anime." East Asian Journal of Popular Culture 4.(2018): 205–20.  
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Baccolini, Raffaella and Federico Zanettin. "The Language of Trauma: Art spiegelman’s maus and its translations." Comics in Translation. Ed. Federico Zanettin. Manchester: St. Jerome, 2008. 99–132.  
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Bachmann, Holger. "Die Funktion idiomatischer Wendungen in populärer Literatur am Beispiel Comicbook. Mit einer beispielinterpretation von alan moores »the killing joke«." Sprachwissenschaft 21.(1996): 337–66.  
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Baetens, Jan. "North and South in Belgian Comics." European Comic Art 1.(2008): 111–26.  
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Balzer, Jens. "Schrift Bild Kontur: Vorüberlegungen zu einer integrativen comic-ästhetik." Comics Anno (1995): 12–26.  
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Barbieri, Daniele. "Disegni che parlano: Il fumetto tra oralità e scrittura." Fictions 9.(2010): 15–30.  
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Bartual, Roberto. "Inner Focalization: A child’s game." The Comics Grid. Journal of Comics Scholarship. Year One. Ed. Ernesto F. Priego Ramirez. London: The Comics Grid Digital First Editions, 2012. 46–48.  
Added by: joachim 12/26/12, 11:39 AM
Bateman, John A. Text and Image: A critical introduction to the visual/verbal divide. London, New York: Routledge, 2014.  
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Bateman, John A. and Janina Wildfeuer. "Defining units of analysis for the systematic analysis of comics: A discourse-based approach." Studies in Comics 5.(2014): 373–403.  
Added by: joachim 9/4/15, 1:33 AM
Bateman, John A. and Janina Wildfeuer. "A multimodal discourse theory of visual narrative." Journal of Pragmatics 74.(2014): 180–208.  
Added by: joachim 12/11/15, 11:29 PM
Beers Fägersten, Kristy. "English-language swearing as humor in Swedish comic strips." Journal of Pragmatics 121.(2017): 175–87.  
Added by: joachim 1/13/18, 6:46 PM
Beers Fägersten, Kristy. "The Use of English in the Swedish-Language Comic Strip Rocky." Linguistics and the Study of Comics. Ed. Frank Bramlett. New York [etc.]: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012. 239–63.  
Added by: joachim 6/2/12, 12:44 PM
Ben-Rafael, Miriam. "English in French comics." World Englishes 27.(2008): 535–48.  
Last edited by: joachim 9/28/09, 5:10 PM
Ben-Rafael, Miriam and Eliezer Ben-Rafael. "Plurilingualism in Francophone Comics." Linguistics and the Study of Comics. Ed. Frank Bramlett. New York [etc.]: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012. 142–62.  
Added by: joachim 6/2/12, 12:26 PM
Bentahar, Ziad. "Tintin in the Arab World and Arabic in the World of Tintin." Alternative Francophone 1.5 2012. Accessed 1 January. 2018. <https://journals.librar ... p/af/article/view/12250>.  
Last edited by: joachim 1/1/18, 11:53 AM
Berger, Arthur Asa. "Marvel Language: The comic book and reality." ETC. A Review of General Semantics 29.(1972): 169–80.  
Last edited by: joachim 6/7/20, 1:07 PM
Bhatia, Tej K. "Super‐heroes to super languages: American popular culture through south asian language comics." World Englishes 25.(2006): 279–98.  
Added by: joachim 12/21/09, 12:42 AM
Bierbach, Mechtild. "Sprachwelten – Zur Semiose von Onomatopoetika in französischsprachigen Comics." Bilderwelten – Textwelten – Comicwelten. Romanistische Begegnungen mit der Neunten Kunst. Eds. Frank Leinen and Guido Rings. München: Meidenbauer, 2007. 351–79.  
Last edited by: joachim 11/12/09, 12:54 PM
Böhnisch, Max. "Die Sprache der Comics im Unterricht." Kommunikation. Aspekte zum Deutschunterricht. Ed. Erich Wolfrum. Baltmannsweiler: Burgbücherei W. Schneider, 1975. 225–66.  
Added by: joachim 12/28/13, 2:05 PM
Bolton, Kingsley and Christopher Hutton. "Bad Boys and Bad Language: Chou hau and the Sociolinguistics of Swearwords in Hong Kong Cantonese." Hong Kong. The Anthropology of a Chinese Metropolis. Eds. Grant Evans and Maria Tam Siu-Mi. Honolulu: Univ. of Hawai‘i Press, 1997. 299–331.  
Last edited by: joachim 7/31/09, 11:10 AM
Borkent, Mike. "Mediated Characters: Multimodal viewpoint construction in comics." Cognitive Linguistics 28.(2017): 539–63.  
Last edited by: Mike Borkent 10/25/17, 3:38 PM
Bramlett, Frank, ed. Linguistics and the Study of Comics. New York [etc.]: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012.  
Added by: joachim 5/30/12, 2:27 PM
Bramlett, Frank. "Linguistic Codes and Character Identity in Afro Samurai." Linguistics and the Study of Comics. Ed. Frank Bramlett. New York [etc.]: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012. 183–209.  
Added by: joachim 6/2/12, 12:33 PM
Bramlett, Frank. "Linguistic Discourse in Web Comics: Extending conversation and narrative into alt-text and hidden comics." The Language of Pop Culture. Ed. Valentin Werner. Routledge Studies in Linguistics. London, New York: Routledge, 2018. 72–91.  
Last edited by: joachim 2/1/18, 2:40 PM
Brancato, Sergio. "Il fumetto post-seriale: Trasformazioni dei comics tra storia e autobiografía." Die Sprache(n) der Comics. Ed. Daniela Pietrini. München: Meidenbauer, 2012. 195–212.  
Added by: joachim 9/18/12, 1:54 PM
Breidenbach, Carla. "Pocho Politics: Language, identity, and discourse in lalo alcaraz’s la cucaracha." Linguistics and the Study of Comics. Ed. Frank Bramlett. New York [etc.]: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012. 210–38.  
Added by: joachim 6/2/12, 12:38 PM
Brown, James W. "Comics in the Foreign Language Classroom: Pedagogical perspectives." Foreign Language Annals 10.(1977): 18–25.  
Added by: joachim 12/21/09, 12:31 AM
Bugelnig, Marie-Christin and Melanie Viktoria Warmuth. Sprache und Bild-Text-Kommunikation im Comic am Beispiel der Asterix-Reihe. Saarbrücken: VDM, 2010.  
Last edited by: joachim 2/17/22, 6:05 PM
Burelbach, Frederic. "The Stylistic Function of Names in Comics." Namenforschung. Name Studies. Les noms propres. Eds. Ernst Eichler, et al.. Vol. 1. Berlin u. New York: de Gruyter, 1995. 582–85.  
Last edited by: joachim 8/25/09, 8:59 PM
Busch, Lenja. "Onomatopoeia in Comics: On the a-human theatre of expression in graphic representations." Thewis 2017. Accessed 4 December. 2017. < ... onomatopoeia-in-comics/>.  
Added by: joachim 12/4/17, 2:38 PM
Calvert, Sheena. "Materia Secunda, text-as-image." Book 2.0 1.(2011): 139–61.  
Added by: joachim 12/26/13, 3:15 PM
Carter, James Bucky and Erik A. Evensen. Super-Powered Word Study: Teaching words and word parts through comics. Gainesville: Maupin House Publ, 2011.  
Added by: joachim 8/1/12, 11:31 AM
Chen, Lindsey N. "Ethnic Marked Names as a Reflection of United States Isolationist Attitudes in Uncle $crooge Comic Books." Names: A Journal of Onomastics 56.(2008): 19–22.  
Last edited by: joachim 9/28/09, 5:26 PM
Chiba, Naoki and Hiroko Chiba. "Words of Alienation, Words of Flight Loanwords in science fiction anime." Robot Ghosts and Wired Dreams. Japanese Science Fiction from Origins to Anime. Eds. Christopher Bolton, Istvan Csicsery-Rony Jr. and Takayuki Tatsumi. Minneapolis: Univ. of Minnesota Press, 2007. 148–71.  
Added by: joachim 8/7/11, 8:05 PM
Clausberg, Karl. "Sichtbar gerollte Stimmen – Organprojektionen als Sekundärwerkzeuge für bildliche Sprechakte." Erzählen im Comic. Beiträge zur Comicforschung. Eds. Otto Brunken and Felix Giesa. Bochum: Ch.A. Bachmann, 2013. 163–98.  
Added by: joachim 2/6/14, 5:53 PM
Cohn, Neil. "A Visual Lexicon." Public Journal of Semiotics 1.(2007): 35–56.  
Added by: joachim 9/29/09, 2:43 AM
Cohn, Neil. "Explaining ‘I Can’t Draw’: Parallels between the structure and development of language and drawing." Human Development 55.(2012): 167–92.  
Added by: joachim 10/31/13, 12:59 PM
Cohn, Neil. "Beyond speech balloons and thought bubbles: The integration of text and image." Semiotica (2013): 35–63.  
Added by: joachim 10/27/13, 7:31 PM
Cohn, Neil. The Visual Language of Comics: Introduction to the structure and cognition of sequential images. Advances in Semiotics. New York: Bloomsbury, 2013.  
Last edited by: joachim 11/1/13, 6:47 PM
Cohn, Neil. "The architecture of visual narrative comprehension: The interaction of narrative structure and page layout in understanding comics." Frontiers in Psychology 5.680 2014. Accessed 16 July. 2014. <http://www.frontiersin. ... syg.2014.00680/abstract>.  
Last edited by: joachim 7/16/14, 10:13 AM
Cohn, Neil. "A multimodal parallel architecture: A cognitive framework for multimodal interactions." Cognition 146.(2016): 304–23.  
Added by: joachim 10/17/17, 12:49 AM
Cohn, Neil. "Your Brain on Comics: A cognitive model of visual narrative comprehension." Topics in Cognitive Science (2019).  
Added by: joachim 4/15/19, 3:53 PM
Cohn, Neil. Who Understands Comics? Questioning the universality of visual language comprehension. New York: Bloomsbury Academic, 2021.  
Last edited by: joachim 6/10/21, 12:13 PM
Cohn, Neil. "Comics, Linguistics, and Visual Language The past and future of a field." Linguistics and the Study of Comics. Ed. Frank Bramlett. New York [etc.]: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012. 92–118.  
Added by: joachim 6/2/12, 12:20 PM
Cohn, Neil. "Visual Language Theory and the Scientific Study of Comic." Empirical Comics Research. Digital Multimodal and Cognitive Methods. Eds. Alexander Dunst, Jochen Laubrock and Janina Wildfeuer. Routledge Advances in Comics Studies. London, New York: Routledge, 2018. 305–28.  
Last edited by: Okwuchi Mba 4/1/19, 12:50 PM
Cohn, Neil and Martin Paczynski. "Prediction, events, and the advantage of Agents The processing of semantic roles in visual narrative." Cognitive Psychology 67.(2013): 73–97.  
Added by: joachim 8/21/13, 9:32 PM
Cohn, Neil. "Climbing trees and seeing stars: Combinatorial structure in comics and diverse domains." Structures in the Mind. Essays on Language, Music, and Cognition in Honor of Ray Jackendoff. Eds. Ida Toivonen, Piroska Csúri and Emilie van der Zee. Cambridge, London: MIT Press, 2015. 379–92.  
Added by: joachim 12/15/17, 12:31 PM
Cohn, Neil and Eva Wittenberg. "Action starring narratives and events: Structure and inference in visual narrative comprehension." Journal of Cognitive Psychology 27.(2015): 812–28.  
Last edited by: joachim 3/31/17, 11:50 AM
D’Angelo, M. and Lorenzo Cantoni. "Comics: Semiotic approaches." Encyclopedia of Language & Linguistics. Ed. Keith Brown. 2nd ed. Vol. 2. Oxford [etc.]: Elsevier, 2006. 627–35.  
Added by: joachim 1/5/10, 1:39 PM
Dammann-Thedens, Katrin and Magdalena Michalak. "Bildnarrationen als Fundament zur Vermittlung von sprachlich-literarischen Kompetenzen in mehrsprachigen Klassen." Comics und Computerspiele im Deutschunterricht. Fachwissenschaftliche und fachdidaktische Aspekte. Eds. Roland Jost and Axel Krommer. Baltmannsweiler: Schneider-Verl. Hohengehren, 2011. 84–102.  
Last edited by: joachim 10/8/12, 3:37 PM
Davies, Paul Fisher. Comics as Communication: A functional approach. Palgrave Studies in Comics and Graphic Novels. New York [etc.]: Palgrave Macmillan, 2019.  
Added by: joachim 11/26/19, 12:20 PM
Delesse, Catherine. "Accents étrangers et régionaux: Le cas des séries astérix et tintin et leurs traductions anglaises." Ateliers. Cahiers de la Maison de la Recherche 31.(2004): 113–26.  
Added by: joachim 12/2/12, 5:38 PM
Delesse, Catherine. "Proper Names, Onomastic Puns and Spoonerisms Some aspects of the translation of the astérix and tintin comic series, with special reference to english." Comics in Translation. Ed. Federico Zanettin. Manchester: St. Jerome, 2008.  
Last edited by: joachim 9/21/09, 10:12 PM
Devarenne, Nicole. "»A Language Heroically Commensurate with His Body«: Nationalism, Fascism, and the Language of the Superhero Comic." International Journal of Comic Art 10.(2008): 48–54.  
Last edited by: Deleted user 9/3/09, 5:00 PM
Dolle-Weinkauff, Bernd. "Das heimliche Regiment der Sprache im Comic." Comics Anno (1991): 66–78.  
Last edited by: joachim 8/4/10, 10:01 AM
Dunst, Alexander and Rita Hartel. "The Quantitative Analysis of Comics: Towards a visual stylometry of graphic narrative." Empirical Comics Research. Digital Multimodal and Cognitive Methods. Eds. Alexander Dunst, Jochen Laubrock and Janina Wildfeuer. Routledge Advances in Comics Studies. London, New York: Routledge, 2018. 43–61.  
Last edited by: Okwuchi Mba 7/22/21, 12:44 PM
Dunst, Alexander, Jochen Laubrock, and Janina Wildfeuer. "Comics and Empirical Research: An introduction." Empirical Comics Research. Digital Multimodal and Cognitive Methods. Eds. Alexander Dunst, Jochen Laubrock and Janina Wildfeuer. Routledge Advances in Comics Studies. London, New York: Routledge, 2018. 1–24.  
Last edited by: Okwuchi Mba 4/1/19, 12:53 PM
Dürrenmatt, Jacques. "From Invisibility to Visibility and Backwards: Punctuation in comics." Visible Language 45.(2011): 21–43.  
Added by: joachim 2/18/12, 5:35 PM
El Refaie, Elisabeth. "Reconsidering “Image Metaphor” in the Light of Perceptual Simulation Theory." Metaphor and Symbol 30.(2015): 63–76.  
Last edited by: joachim 6/15/17, 9:53 AM
Elsner, Daniela, Sissy Helff, and Britta Viebrock, eds. Films, Graphic Novels & Visuals Developing multi-literacies in foreign language education – an interdisciplinary approach. Fremdsprachendidaktik in globaler Perspektive. Berlin [etc.]: LIT, 2013.  
Added by: joachim 5/30/13, 1:27 PM
Fabbretti, Matteo. "The Use of Translation Notes in Manga Scanlation." TranscUlturAl 8.2 2016. Accessed 23 November. 2016. <https://ejournals.libra ... p/TC/article/view/28489>.  
Last edited by: joachim 11/23/16, 1:03 AM
Fein, Ofer and Asa Kasher. "How to do things with words and gestures in comics." Journal of Pragmatics 26.(1996): 793–808.  
Last edited by: joachim 5/26/13, 7:35 PM
Feix, Jeannine. "Die Graphic Novel im Fremdsprachenunterricht." Studia Universitatis Babeş-Bolyai – Philologia 62.(2017): 35–42.  
Last edited by: joachim 10/5/22, 4:31 PM
Fiedler, Sabine. Sprachspiele im Comic: Das profil der deutschen comic-zeitschrift mosaik. Leipzig: Leipziger Universitätsverlag, 2003.  
Last edited by: joachim 7/4/11, 8:22 PM
Fiedler, Sabine. "Nudpieda GenHadashi no Gen in an International Speech Community." Reading Manga. Local and Global Perceptions of Japanese Comics. Eds. Jaqueline Berndt and Steffi Richter. Mitteldeutsche Studien zu Ostasien. Leipzig: Leipziger Universitätsverlag, 2006. 59–76.  
Last edited by: joachim 5/14/10, 8:18 PM
Fiedler, Sabine. "Ludische Kommunikation in und um Comics: Eine analyse zur sprache der comic-zeitschrift mosaik und ihrer fans." Das Vergnügen in und an den Medien. Interdisziplinäre Perspektiven. Eds. Michael Klemm and Eva-Maria Jacobs. Bonner Beiträge zur Medienwissenschaft. 2007. 177–97.  
Last edited by: joachim 7/4/11, 8:21 PM
Forceville, Charles, Elisabeth El Refaie, and Gert Meesters. "Stylistics and comics." Routledge Handbook of Stylistics. Ed. Michael Burke. Routledge Handbooks in English Language Studies. 2014. 485–99.  
Last edited by: joachim 8/8/14, 7:40 AM
Forster, Iris, Susanne R. Borgwaldt, and Martin Neef. "Form follows function: Interjections and onomatopoetica in comics." Writing Systems Research 4.(2012): 122–39.  
Added by: joachim 9/7/13, 9:16 AM
Franze, Julia. "Kontrastive linguistische Analyse von modernen Comics." Magisterarbeit M.A. Universität Koblenz-Landau/Campus Landau, 2008.  
Added by: joachim 11/16/10, 11:41 AM
Fresnault-Deruelle, Pierre. "Le verbal dans les bandes dessinées." Communications 15.(1970): 145–61.  
Added by: joachim 10/4/13, 2:26 PM
Fresnault-Deruelle, Pierre. "Le personnage de bande dessinée et ses langages." Langue française 28.(1975): 101–11.  
Last edited by: joachim 10/4/13, 2:46 PM
Frezza, Gino. "Figurazione del parlato e immagine statica-dinamica nei fumetti." Die Sprache(n) der Comics. Ed. Daniela Pietrini. München: Meidenbauer, 2012. 33–54.  
Added by: joachim 9/18/12, 11:31 AM
Gadducci, Fabio and Mirko Tavosanis. "La scrittura non standard nei fumetti italiani." Die Sprache(n) der Comics. Ed. Daniela Pietrini. München: Meidenbauer, 2012. 113–26.  
Added by: joachim 9/18/12, 1:39 PM
Gartley, Elizabeth. "Speaking language? The politics of language and power in saga." Studies in Comics 8.(2017): 51–68.  
Last edited by: joachim 5/14/18, 12:43 PM
Gasca, Luis and Román Gubern. Diccionario de onomatopeyas del cómic. Signo e Imagen. Madrid: Cátedra, 2008.  
Added by: joachim 6/12/19, 12:24 PM
Giaufret, Anna. "‘Corsican Speak’ in Two French Bandes dessinées, or How to Manipulate Communication Rules A pragmatic analysis." European Comic Art 4.(2011): 29–38.  
Added by: joachim 7/5/12, 12:19 AM
Goodwin, Megan. "Conversion to Narrative: Magic as religious language in grant morrison’s invisibles." Graven Images. Religion in Comic Books & Graphic Novels. Eds. A. David Lewis and Christine Hoff Kraemer. London, New York: Continuum, 2010.  
Added by: joachim 8/27/11, 12:29 PM
Grassegger, Hans. Sprachspiel und Übersetzung: Eine studie anhand der comic-serie asterix. Tübingen: Stauffenburg, 1985.  
Last edited by: joachim 8/21/11, 3:59 PM
Grünnagel, Christian. "Astérix désenchanté ou un mythe revisité: Vae victis!." Die Sprache(n) der Comics. Ed. Daniela Pietrini. München: Meidenbauer, 2012. 165–80.  
Added by: joachim 9/18/12, 1:47 PM
Grutman, Rainier. "« Eih bennek, eih blavek » L’inscription du bruxellois dans le sceptre d’ottokar." Études françaises 46.(2010): 83–99.  
Last edited by: joachim 6/9/13, 11:39 PM
Grutschus, Anke and Beate Kern. "L’oralité mise en scène dans la bande dessinée Marques pho­no­lo­giques et (morpho)syntaxiques dans astérix et titeuf." Journal of French Language Studies 31.(2021): 192–215.  
Last edited by: joachim 8/21/22, 4:37 PM
Grutschus, Anke. "« Ça nous fait trop goleri » La mise en scène de la langue des jeunes dans la bande dessinée et son utilisation en tant que ressource didactique." La bande dessinée. Perspectives linguistiques et didactiques. Ed. Elissa Pustka. Romanistische Fremdsprachenforschung und Unterrichtsentwicklung. Tübingen: Narr, 2022. 267–95.  
Added by: joachim 8/21/22, 12:28 PM
Hallett, Jill and Richard W. Hallett. "Metaphors and Topoi of H1N1 (Swine Flu) Political Cartoons: A cross-cultural analysis." Linguistics and the Study of Comics. Ed. Frank Bramlett. New York [etc.]: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012. 59–91.  
Added by: joachim 6/2/12, 12:18 PM
Hartmann, Regina. "Betrachtungen zur arabischen Version von ASTERIX: Ein übersetzungsvergleich." Linguistische Berichte 81.(1982): 1–31.  
Last edited by: joachim 6/2/15, 9:25 PM
Havlik, Ernst. Lexikon der Onomatopöien. Die lautimitierenden Wörter im Comic. Frankfurt am Main: Fricke, 1981.  
Last edited by: joachim 11/10/09, 10:26 PM
Hecke, Carola. "Graphic Novels as a Teaching Tool in High School and University English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Classrooms." Amerikastudien 56.(2011): 653–68.  
Added by: joachim 4/25/15, 9:33 PM
Heinze, Ulrich. "kankei nai-Schrift: jukugo und manga." Japanische Bruchkanten. Konturen der kankei nai-Kultur. Soziologie. Berlin [etc.]: LIT, 2006. 19–36.  
Last edited by: joachim 5/30/13, 11:25 AM
Hick, Darren Hudson. "The Language of Comics." The Art of Comics. A Philosophical Approach. Eds. Aaron Meskin and Roy T. Cook. Chichester: Wiley-Blackwell, 2012. 125–44.  
Added by: joachim 1/14/14, 11:10 AM
Holmberg, Ryan. "Hear no, speak no Sasaki maki manga and nansensu, circa 1970." Japan Forum 21.(2009): 115–41.  
Added by: joachim 10/4/10, 11:10 PM
Hosokawa, Hirofumi. "Eine Betrachtung über deutsche Sprache in Comics – ein auf fremdsprachigen Texten beruhendes Medium." Neue Entwicklungen des Deutschen in den Medien von heute. Ed. Manabu Watanabe. Studienreihe der Japanischen Gesellschaft für Germanistik. Tokyo: Japanische Gesellschaft für Germanistik, 2006. 1–14.  
Last edited by: joachim 9/15/10, 2:14 AM
Howell, Peter. "Strategy and Style in English and French Translations of Japanese Comic Books." Edinburgh Working Papers in Applied Linguistics (2001): 59–66.  
Added by: joachim 3/4/11, 11:58 AM
Hürlimann, Bettina. "Die Seifenblasensprache: Zur entwicklung der bildgeschichten und ihrer positiven und negativen auswirkung von wilhelm busch bis walt disney." Europäische Kinderbücher in drei Jahrhunderten. Ed. Bettina Hürlimann. Zürich: Atlantis, 1963. 119–32.  
Last edited by: joachim 5/31/12, 2:37 PM
Iida, Sumiko and William S. Armour. "The voices of adult anime/‘manga’ fans in Australia: Motivations, consumption patterns and intentions to learn the japanese language." East Asian Journal of Popular Culture 5.(2019): 7–23.  
Added by: joachim 5/12/19, 12:04 PM
Iida, Sumiko and Yuki Takeyama. "A brief history of Japanese popular culture in Japanese language education: Using ‘manga’ in the classroom." East Asian Journal of Popular Culture 4.(2018): 153–69.  
Added by: joachim 5/12/19, 11:49 AM
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