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Ajah, Richard Oko. "Nationalism and African Communal Identity in Marguerite Abouet’s and Clement Oubrerie’s Aya de Yopougon." Human and Social Studies 5. (2017): 85–99.   
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Albarrán-Torres, César and Liam Burke. "Postcolonial Superheroes: Unmasking black panther: wakanda forever and namor, its mesoamerican antihero." Quarterly Review of Film and Video (2023).   
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Aldama, Frederick Luis. A User’s Guide to Postcolonial and Latino Borderland Fiction. Austin: Univ. of Texas Press, 2009.   
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Aldama, Frederick Luis, ed. Graphic Indigeneity: Comics in the americas and australasia. Jackson: Univ. Press of Mississippi, 2020.   
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Baetens, Jan. "History Against the Grain? On the relationship between visual aesthetics and historical interpretation in the contemporary spanish graphic novel." Rethinking History 6. (2002): 345–56.   
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Banerjee, Bidisha. "Kinship between “companion species”: A posthuman refiguration of the immigrant condition in shaun tan’s the arrival." Journal of Postcolonial Writing 52. (2016): 399–414.   
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Barthold, Willi Wolfgang. "Problemzone Ostdeutschland: Die post-ddr-provinz als aushandlungsraum des postmigrantischen in literatur und comic." Internationales Archiv für Sozialgeschichte der deutschen Literatur 48. (2023): 417–39.   
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Basu, Lopamudra. "Crossing Cultures/Crossing Genres: The re-invention of the graphic memoir in persepolis and persepolis 2." Nebula 4. 3 2007. Accessed 29 May. 2012. <>.   
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Begag, Azouz. "Mai 1945 à Sétif: Genèse d’une bande dessinée." Contemporary French and Francophone Studies 17. (2013): 99–116.   
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Blanc-Hoàng, Henri-Simon. "Colonialism, postcolonialism and science fiction comics in the Southern Cone." Studies in Comics 8. (2017): 29–49.   
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Bragard, Véronique. "Belgo-Congolese Transnational Comics Esthetics: Transcolonial labor from mongo sisse’s [sic] bingo en belgique to cassiau-haurie and baruti’s madame livingstone: congo, la grande guerre (2014)." Literature Compass 13. 5 2016. Accessed 14 Jun. 2019. <https://onlinelibrary.w ... /abs/10.1111/lic3.12312>.   
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Carrington, André. "Desiring Blackness: A queer orientation to marvel’s black panther, 1998–2016." American Literature 90. (2018): 221–50.   
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Chanda, Anurima. "How Do the French have Fun in India: A study of representations in tintin and asterix." Rupkatha Journal on Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities 7. (2015): 179.   
Added by: joachim 3/22/17, 3:37 PM
Chandra, Nandini. The Classic Popular: Amar chitra katha, 1967–2007. New Delhi: Yoda Press, 2008.   
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Cormier, Jon. "When Things Fall Apart in Hell’s Kitchen: Postcolonialism in bendis’s daredevil." The Devil is in the Details. Examining Matt Murdock and Daredevil. Ed. Ryan K. Lindsay. Edwardsville: Sequart Research & Literacy Organization, 2013. 197–207.   
Added by: joachim 12/8/14, 10:29 AM
Curry, Alice. ""The pale trees shook, although no wind blew, and it seemed to Tristran that they shook in anger": “blind space” and ecofeminism in a post-colonial reading of neil gaiman and charles vess’s graphic novel stardust (1998)." Barnboken 33. 2 2010. Accessed 1 Mar. 2020. <https://www.barnboken.n ... php/clr/article/view/16>.   
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Dony, Christophe. "Towards a vocabulary of displacement and utopian possibilities: Reading shaun tan’s the arrival as a crossover text." Studies in Comics 3. (2012): 83–106.   
Last edited by: joachim 10/31/12, 11:38 PM
Feurle, Gisela. "Madam & Eve – Ten Wonderful Years: A cartoon strip and its role in post-apartheid south africa." Cheeky Fictions. Laughter and the Postcolonial. Eds. Susanne Reichl and Mark Stein. Internationale Forschungen zur Allgemeinen und Vergleichenden Literaturwissenschaft. Amsterdam [etc.]: Rodopi, 2005. 271–86.   
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Hodapp, James. "The postcolonial Joe Sacco." Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics 6. (2015): 319–30.   
Added by: joachim 4/23/16, 3:16 PM
Holden, Philip. "“Is it manipulative? Sure. But that’s how you tell stories”: The graphic novel, metahistory and the artist in the art of charlie chan hock chye." Journal of Postcolonial Writing 52. (2016): 510–23.   
Last edited by: joachim 12/9/17, 2:09 PM
Howell, Jennifer. The Algerian War in French-Language Comics: Postcolonial memory, history, and subjectivity. After the Empire. Lanham [etc.]: Lexington, 2015.   
Added by: joachim 1/27/16, 9:06 AM
Howes, Franny. "Imagining a Multiplicity of Visual Rhetorical Traditions: Comics lessons from rhetoric histories." ImageTexT 5. 3 2010. Accessed 3 Oct. 2010. <https://imagetextjourna ... rom-rhetoric-histories/>.   
Added by: joachim 10/3/10, 9:03 PM
Hunt, Nancy Rose. "Tintin and the Interruptions of Congolese Comics." Images and Empires. Visuality in Colonial and Postcolonial Africa. Eds. Paul S. Landau and Deborah D. Kaspin. Berkeley: Univ. of California Press, 2002. 90–123.   
Added by: joachim 12/12/12, 1:19 PM
Hunt, Nancy Rose. "Comics and the Belgian Congo." A Historical Companion to Postcolonial Literatures. Continental Europe and Its Empires. Eds. Prem Poddar, Rajeev Shridhar Patke and Lars Jensen. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2008. 23–24.   
Added by: joachim 6/7/13, 10:19 AM
Inaga, Shigemi. "Miyazaki Hayao’s Epic Comic Series: Nausicaä in the Valley of the Wind: An attempt at interpretation." Japan Review (1999): 113–27.   
Added by: joachim 3/7/18, 3:30 PM
Jones, Rachel Bailey. (Re)thinking Orientalism: Using graphic narratives to teach critical visual literacy. Minding the Media. New York [etc.]: Peter Lang, 2015.   
Added by: joachim 5/28/17, 1:42 PM
Kaur, Raminder. "Atomic comics: Parabolic mimesis and the graphic fictions of science." International Journal of Cultural Studies 15. (2011): 329–47.   
Added by: joachim 7/27/17, 12:12 PM
Kaur, Raminder and Saif Eqbal. "Gendering Graphics in Indian Superhero Comic Books and Some Notes for Provincializing Cultural Studies." Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies 12. (2015): 367–96.   
Last edited by: joachim 9/7/16, 8:19 AM
Kluver, Randy. "Comic Effects: Postcolonial political mythologies in the world of lily wong." Journal of Communication Inquiry 24. (2000): 195–215.   
Last edited by: joachim 10/4/09, 12:11 PM
Kluver, Randy. "Comic Effects: Postkoloniale politische mythen in the world of lily wong." Theorien des Comics. Ein Reader. Eds. Barbara Eder, Elisabeth Klar and Ramón Reichert. Kultur- und Medientheorie. Bielefeld: Transcript, 2011. 237–54.   
Added by: joachim 10/1/11, 1:31 AM
Knowles, Sam. "The Postcolonial Graphic Novel and Trauma: From maus to malta." Postcolonial Traumas. Memory, Narrative, Resistance. Ed. Abigail Ward. New York [etc.]: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015. 83–96.   
Added by: joachim 6/2/16, 4:22 PM
Lawson, Shannon. "The Artifice of Representation: Vestiges of orientalism in the rabbi’s cat." International Journal of Comic Art 14. (2012): 189–305.   
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Macdonald, Amanda. "Distractions from History: Redrawing ethnic trajectories in new caledonia." History and Politics in French-Language Comics and Graphic Novels. Ed. Mark McKinney. Jackson: Univ. Press of Mississippi, 2008. 186–211.   
Added by: joachim 10/13/10, 1:50 AM
MacLeod, Catriona. "(Post)-colonial persistence: The presence of the “black venus” in the work of warnauts and raives." Contemporary French Civilization 36. (2011): 287–302.   
Last edited by: joachim 6/29/14, 10:27 PM
MacLeod, Catriona. "From Wandering Women to Fixed Females: Relations of gendered movement through post-colonial space in lettres d’outremer and le bar du vieux français." Comic Book Geographies. Ed. Jason Dittmer. Media Geography at Mainz. Stuttgart: Franz Steiner, 2014. 75–90.   
Added by: joachim 6/29/14, 9:35 PM
Maisonville, Derek J. Bibles, Guns, and … Comic Books? Re-conceptualizing (non-)violent selves and others in a postcolonial era. Canadian Political Science Association Annual Conference: 4—6 Jun, 2008.   
Added by: joachim 12/3/12, 1:03 PM
McKinney, Mark. The Colonial Heritage of French Comics. Contemporary French and Francophone Cultures. Liverpool: Liverpool Univ. Press, 2011.   
Added by: joachim 2/15/18, 3:41 AM
McKinney, Mark. "Transculturation in French Comics." Contemporary French and Francophone Studies 17. (2013): 6–16.   
Added by: joachim 3/12/17, 11:18 AM
McKinney, Mark. Postcolonialism and Migration in French Comics. Studies in European Comics and Graphic Novels. Leuven: Leuven Univ. Press, 2021.   
Last edited by: joachim 4/22/21, 3:33 PM
McKinney, Mark. "Métissage in Post-Colonial Comics." Post Colonial Cultures in France. Eds. Alec G. Hargreaves and Mark McKinney. London, New York: Routledge, 1997. 169–88.   
Added by: joachim 2/13/12, 10:35 AM
Mehta, Binita. "Visualizing Postcolonial Africa in La Vie de Pahé." Alternative Francophone 1. 6 2014. Accessed 1 Jan. 2018. <https://journals.librar ... p/af/article/view/21227>.   
Added by: joachim 1/1/18, 12:52 PM
Mehta, Binita and Pia Mukherji, eds. Postcolonial Comics: Texts, events, identities. Routledge Research in Postcolonial Literatures. London: Routledge, 2015.   
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Michael, Olga. "Crossing, Conflict, and Diaspora in Cyprus and Beyond in Miranda Hoplaros and Lara Alphas’s The Sign-Maker." a/b: Auto/Biography Studies 35. (2020): 405–34.   
Last edited by: joachim 10/30/20, 3:13 PM
Michael, Olga. Human Rights in Graphic Life Narrative: Reading and witnessing violations of the ‘other’ in anglophone works. New Directions in Life Narrative. New York: Bloomsbury Academic, 2023.   
Last edited by: joachim 9/21/23, 12:14 PM
Miller, Ann. "Les héritiers d’Hergé: The figure of the aventurier in a post-colonial context." Shifting Frontiers of France and Francophonie. Eds. Yvette Rocheron and Christopher Rolfe. Bern [etc.]: Peter Lang, 2004. 307–24.   
Last edited by: joachim 8/18/16, 11:07 PM
Muller, Estelle. "Reimaging South Africa’s Colonial History: Jan van riebeeck as a vampire in the rebirth graphic novel." International Journal of Comic Art 20. (2018): 384–400.   
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Nadkarni, Samira Shirish. "“I Was Never the Hero That You Wanted Me to Be”: Feminism and resistance to militarism in marvel’s jessica jones." Gender and the Superhero Narrative. Eds. Michael Goodrum, Tara Prescott and Philip Smith. Jackson: Univ. Press of Mississippi, 2018. 74–100.   
Last edited by: joachim 9/22/20, 11:16 AM
Nayar, Pramod K. "Towards a postcolonial critical literacy: bhimayana and the indian graphic novel." Studies in South Asian Film and Media 3. (2011): 3–21.   
Last edited by: joachim 12/20/18, 12:11 PM
Nayar, Pramod K. "The Postcolonial Gothic: munnu, graphic narrative and the terrors of the nation." Rupkatha Journal on Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities 8. (2016): 2–12.   
Last edited by: joachim 3/22/17, 12:23 PM
Peterle, Giada. "The comic book as a ‘place of mediation’: Encounters between codes and perspectives in etenesh. l’odissea di una migrante by paolo castaldi." From the European South 2 2017. Accessed 26 Oct. 2017. <http://europeansouth.po ... ES_2_2017_8_Peterle.pdf>.   
Added by: joachim 10/26/17, 11:53 AM
Reef, Anne. "The Art of Darkness: Repression and its expression in j. m. coetzee's waiting for the barbarians, athol fugard's tsotsi, and sue coe and holly metz's how to commit suicide in south africa." International Journal of Comic Art 9. (2007): 332–52.   
Last edited by: joachim 3/18/10, 10:13 AM
Reynschi-Chikuma, Chris. "Pour une lecture postcoloniale de la bande dessinée Ile Bourbon 1730 (2006) de Appollo et Lewis Trondheim." Image [&] Narrative 12. 1 2011. Accessed 6 Sep. 2011. <http://www.imageandnarr ... rticle/viewFile/135/106>.   
Added by: joachim 9/6/11, 3:22 PM
Rhett, Maryanne. "Orientalism and Graphic Novels: A modern reexamination of popular culture." Graphic History. Essays on Graphic Novels And/As History. Ed. Richard Iadonisi. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publ. 2012. 203–22.   
Added by: joachim 3/12/13, 10:29 PM
Salmi, Charlotta. "Sequential Art in the Age of Postcolonial Production: Comics collectives in israel and south africa." Popular Postcolonialisms. Discourses of Empire and Popular Culture. Eds. Nadia Atia and Kate Houlden. Routledge Research in Postcolonial Literatures. London: Routledge, 2019. 70–86.   
Added by: Matthias Harbeck 11/15/18, 3:36 PM
Sandten, Cecile. "Intermedial fictions of the “new” metropolis: Calcutta, delhi and cairo in the graphic novels of sarnath banerjee and g. willow wilson." Journal of Postcolonial Writing 47. (2011): 510–22.   
Added by: joachim 5/15/12, 3:41 PM
Sandten, Cecile. "Intermediale Fiktionen der postkolonialen Metropole: Kalkutta, delhi und kairo in den graphic novels von sarnath banerjee und g. willow wilson." Stadt der Moderne. Eds. Cecile Sandten, Christoph Fasbender and Annika Bauer. CHAT – Chemnitzer Anglistik/Amerikanistik Today. Trier: Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier, 2013. 237–56.   
Added by: joachim 3/1/16, 2:56 PM
Schade Eckert, Lisa. "Teaching Native American Comics with Post-Colonial Theory." Teaching Comics Through Multiple Lenses. Critical Perspectives. Ed. Crag Hill. London, New York: Routledge, 2017. 147–57.   
Last edited by: joachim 6/10/22, 10:07 AM
Shay, Maureen. "Uprooting genealogy in G.B. Tran’s Vietnamerica." Journal of Postcolonial Writing 52. (2016): 428–44.   
Last edited by: joachim 8/10/17, 12:38 PM
Still, Edward. "Broken fantasias? Jacques ferrandez and the chimeric quest for disillusionment." Studies in Travel Writing 21. (2017): 293–312.   
Last edited by: joachim 9/5/19, 2:43 PM
Stuhlfauth-Trabert, Mara. "Überlegungen zur Schriftbildlichkeit im Comic aus postkolonialer Perspektive: Zu shaun tans the arrival und craig thompsons habibi." Schrift und Graphisches im Vergleich. Eds. Monika Schmitz-Emans, Linda Simonis and Simone Sauer-Kretschmer. Bielefeld: Aisthesis, 2019. 525–38.   
Added by: joachim 5/8/21, 12:25 PM
Thorsten, Marie. "Graphic “Heart of Darkness”: Two visions of current affairs comics." International Political Sociology 6. (2012): 221–40.   
Added by: joachim 2/11/14, 2:20 PM
Wallin Wictorin, Margareta. "Perspektiv på tecknade serier – visuella konventioner, autofiktiv narration och postkolonialt berättande." Valör (2011): 26–36.   
Added by: joachim 4/12/13, 10:18 AM
Wallin Wictorin, Margareta. "Comics in Postcolonial Senegal: Suggesting and contesting national identity." Comics and Power. Representing and Questioning Culture, Subjects and Communities. Eds. Rikke Platz Cortsen, Erin La Cour and Anne Magnussen. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publ. 2015. 244–62.   
Last edited by: joachim 8/11/21, 3:28 PM
Walter, Patrick F. "A Postcolony in Pieces: Black faces, white masks and queer potentials in unknown soldier." The Blacker the Ink. Constructions of Black Identity in Comics and Sequential Art. Eds. Frances Gateward and John Jennings. New Brunswick: Rutgers Univ. Press, 2015. 63–92.   
Last edited by: joachim 5/15/19, 2:14 PM
Whitted, Qiana. "‘And the Negro thinks in hieroglyphics’: Comics, visual metonymy, and the spectacle of blackness." Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics 5. (2014): 79–100.   
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