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Ahrens, Jörn: "Joe Sacco and the Quest for Documentation in Comics." In: ImageTexT 11.1 (2019).  
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Aleixo, Paul A. und Krystina Sumner: "Memory for biopsychology material presented in comic book format." In: Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics 8.1 (2017), S. 79–88.  
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Ashkenazi, Ofer und Jakob Dittmar: "Negotiating Documentation in Comics." In: International Journal of Comic Art 20.1 (2018), S. 587–597.  
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Austin, Sara: "Understanding Rhetoric, Understanding Genre. A Rhetorical Genre Studies Approached Writing Course." In: Teaching Graphic Novels in the English Classroom. Pedagogical Possibilities of Multimodal Literacy Engagement. Hrsg. v. Alissa Burger. New York [etc.]: Palgrave Macmillan, 2018, S. 29–41.  
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Babaian, Caryn Sona: "“The Thyroidectomy Story”. Comic Books, Graphic Novels, and the Novel Approach to Teaching Head and Neck Surgery Through the Genre of the Comic Book." In: Journal of Surgical Education 71.3 (2014), S. 413–418.  
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Bach, Benjamin et al. "The Emerging Genre of Data Comics." In: IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications 38.3 (2017), S. 6–13.  
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Baer, Reto: "Deribs AIDS-Comic Jo im Spiegel der Schweizer Presse." In: Comic Almanach (1993), S. 130–131.  
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Baetens, Jan: "Drawing Photo Novels." In: ImageTexT 9.2 (2017).  
Added by: joachim 2018-02-07 13:50
Bahr, David: "Choreographing Time. Art Spiegelman’s Present, Past(s) and The Craft of Creative Non Fiction Comics." In: American Creative Non-Fiction. Hrsg. v. Jay Ellis. (Critical Insights.) Englewood Cliffs: Salem Pr. 2015, S. 196–212.  
Added by: joachim 2017-02-23 15:05
Bailey, Alan R. "Invited Dialogue. Nonfiction Graphic Novels in Children’s Literature. An Interview with Maris Wicks and Calista Brill." In: Language Arts 95.5 (2018).  
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Baird, John: "Evaluating Math Concept Learning Using Comics." In: International Journal of Comic Art 15.1 (2013), S. 456–468.  
Added by: Deleted user 2014-09-11 12:21
Banco, Lindsey Michael: "Graphic Bombs. Scientific Knowledge and the Manhattan Project in Comic Books." In: The Palgrave Handbook of Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Literature and Science. Hrsg. v. Neel Ahuja et al. (Palgrave Handbooks of Literature and Science.) New York [etc.]: Palgrave Macmillan, 2020, S. 577–595.  
Added by: joachim 2022-06-23 13:36
Baroni, Raphaël: "Of Mice as Men. A Transmedial Perspective on Fictionality." In: Narrative 29.1 (2021), S. 91–113.  
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Benton, Bond und Daniela Peterka-Benton: "When the Abyss Looks Back. Treatments of Human Trafficking in Superhero Comic Books." In: The Popular Culture Studies Journal 1.1 & 2 (2013), S. 18–35, .  
Added by: joachim 2014-10-08 22:40
Berndt, Jaqueline: "Eine zeitlos schöne Nation. Das Neue Geschichtslehrbuch als Bildergeschichte." In: Vergangenheit im Gesellschaftskonflikt. Ein Historikerstreit in Japan. Hrsg. v. Steffi Richter. 2003, S. 191–217.  
Last edited by: joachim 2010-05-14 22:49
Blank, Juliane: "Alles ist zeigbar? Der Comic als Medium der Wissensvermittlung nach dem iconic turn." In: KulturPoetik 10 (2010), S. 214–233.  
Last edited by: joachim 2010-11-24 00:16
Bouvard, Julien: "Réflexions sur le manga éducatif." In: Image [&] Narrative 12.1 (2011), S. 189–205, .  
Added by: joachim 2011-09-05 20:04
Brau, Lorie: "Oishinbo's Adventures in Eating. Food, Communication, and Culture in Japanese Comics." In: Manga. An Anthology of Global and Cultural Perspectives. Hrsg. v. Toni Johnson-Woods. London, New York: Continuum, 2010, S. 109–127.  
Last edited by: joachim 2010-04-07 10:47
Britten, Bob: "Picturing Terror. Visual and Verbal Rhetoric in The 9/11 Report Graphic Adaptation." In: International Journal of Comic Art 12.1 (2010), S. 355–369.  
Last edited by: joachim 2011-08-31 11:24
Brown, Joshua: "Every Picture Tells a Story, Don’t It?" In: Radical History Review 46–47 (1990), S. 425–435.  
Last edited by: joachim 2018-04-30 09:45
---: "Every Picture Tells a Story, Don’t It?" In: History from South Africa. Alternative Visions and Practices. Hrsg. v. Joshua Brown et al. Philadelphia: Temple Univ. Press, 1991, S. 379–390.  
Added by: joachim 2009-10-23 00:14
Brunner, Markus: "»Erinnern, Wiederholen, Durcharbeiten«. Zur Funktion der Bilder in Comic-Sachbüchern (›Graphic Guides‹)." In: Psychologie und Gesellschaftskritik 38.3 (2014), S. 99–135.  
Last edited by: joachim 2019-12-24 18:38
Bucher, Hans-Jürgen und Bettina Boy: "How Informative are Information Comics in Science Communication? Empirical Results from an Eye-Tracking Study and Knowledge Testing." In: Empirical Comics Research. Digital Multimodal and Cognitive Methods. Hrsg. v. Alexander Dunst, Jochen Laubrock und Janina Wildfeuer. (Routledge Advances in Comics Studies.) London, New York: Routledge, 2018, S. 176–196.  
Last edited by: joachim 2019-04-01 12:42
Buhle, Paul: "Eco-Comics, Then and Now." In: Capitalism Nature Socialism 20.3 (2009), S. 68–73.  
Added by: joachim 2012-07-19 12:45
Carlson, Mark: "“Hey! That Ain’t Funny!” (Part 1). Classic and True Story Comics in the Forties." In: The Nostalgia Zine 2.1 (2006).  
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---: "“Hey! That Ain’t Funny!” (Part 3). Other Educational Comic Books in the Forties." In: The Nostalgia Zine 3.1 (2007).  
Added by: joachim 2011-11-06 10:55
Chapman, Jane und Daniel Ellin: "Multi-panel comic narratives in Australian First World War trench publications as citizen journalism." In: Australian Journal of Communication 39.3 (2012), S. 1–22.  
Added by: joachim 2014-01-30 22:38
Cheng, Kevin: See What I Mean. How To Use Comics to Communicate Ideas. New York: Rosenfeld, 2012. (218 S.)  
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Cheng Chua, Karl Ian Uy: "Educational Komiks. Shifting Perspectives." In: Kyoto Review of Southeast Asia 16 (2014).  
Added by: joachim 2016-01-12 10:41
Choi, Jinhee: "Webtoons to promote critical thinking in neo-liberal South Korea. A thematic analysis of Awl social justice themes." In: East Asian Journal of Popular Culture 3.1 (2018), S. 111–127.  
Added by: joachim 2019-05-12 11:42
Clark, J. Spencer: "“Your Credibility Could Be Shot”. Preservice Teachers’ Thinking about Nonfiction Graphic Novels, Curriculum Decision Making, and Professional Acceptance." In: The Social Studies 104.1 (2013), S. 38–45.  
Last edited by: joachim 2018-12-20 11:46
Clifford, Rebecca: "Cleansing History, Cleansing Japan. Kobayashi Yoshinori’s Analects of War and Japan’s Revisionist Revival." In: Nissan Occasional Paper Series 35 (2004).  
Last edited by: joachim 2010-05-15 17:44
Collver, Jordan und Emma Weitkamp: "Alter egos. An exploration of the perspectives and identities of science comic creators." In: Journal of Science Communication 17.1 (2018), S. 1–22, .  
Last edited by: joachim 2018-01-25 13:25
Davidova, Veronica: "‘Pedagogical’ and Ethnographic Fictions and Meta-narratives of Development: 1 World Manga." In: Journal of Development Studies 49.3 (2013).  
Last edited by: joachim 2013-08-28 21:15
Davidson, Sol M. "Educational Comics. A Family Tree." In: International Journal of Comic Art 10.2 (2008), S. 519–580.  
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---: "Educational Comics. A Family Tree." In: ImageTexT 4.2 (2008).  
Added by: joachim 2009-12-28 16:10
---: "The Funnies’ Neglected Branch: Special Purpose Comics." In: International Journal of Comic Art 7.2 (2005), S. 340–357.  
Added by: Deleted user 2009-08-28 14:53
Duffy, Damian: Educational Hypercomics. Learners, Institutions, and Comics in e-Learning Interface Design. Diss. (PhD), University of Illinois, Library and Information Science 2016 (160 S.).  
Added by: joachim 2018-01-24 14:47
---: "Hyper/Comics/Con/Text. Institutional Contexts and Interface Design in Online Educational Hypercomics." In: Networking Knowledge 8.4 (2015).  
Added by: joachim 2015-08-14 06:38
Duncan, Randy, Michael Ray Taylor und David Stoddard: Creating Comics as Journalism, Memoir and Nonfiction. London, New York: Routledge, 2016. (260 S.)  
Added by: joachim 2018-06-09 00:59
el-Setouhy, Rio F. "Stigma Reduction and Improved Knowledge And Attitudes Towards Filariasis Using a Comic Book for Children." In: Journal of the Egyptian Society of Parasitology 33.1 (2003), S. 55–65.  
Last edited by: joachim 2014-02-10 09:29
Farinella, Matteo: "The potential of comics in science communication." In: Journal of Science Communication 17.1 (2018), S. 1–17, .  
Last edited by: joachim 2018-01-25 13:22
Farthing, Anthony und Ernesto F. Priego Ramirez: "‘Graphic Medicine’ as a Mental Health Information Resource. Insights from Comics Producers." In: The Comics Grid 6.3 (2016).  
Added by: joachim 2016-02-14 11:29
Femers-Koch, Susanne: "Comic strips für eine ernste Sache? Spielerischer Umgang mit Text und Bild in der Wirtschaftskommunikation." In: Textspiele in der Wirtschaftskommunikation. Texte und Sprache zwischen Normierung und Abweichung. Hrsg. v. Susanne Femers-Koch und Stefanie Molthagen-Schnöring. Wiesbaden: Springer VS, 2018, S. 147–183.  
Last edited by: joachim 2021-02-19 13:47
Fitzgerald, Paul E. Will Eisner and PS Magazine. An Ongoing Legacy of Nitty-Gritty Laughs and Deadly Serious How-to Comics for Generations of America’s Warriors. An Illustrated History and Commentary. Fincastle: FitzWorld.US, 2009. (224 S.)  
Added by: joachim 2011-05-09 17:40
Franzmann, Bodo: "Die »Stiftung Lesen«. Keine Berührungsangst vor Comics." In: Comics Anno 3 (1995), S. 286–290.  
Added by: joachim 2010-08-04 11:22
Frick, Erling: "Pedagogiska serier." In: Boken om serier. Hrsg. v. Elisabet Haglund et al. Johanneshov: Hammarström & Åberg, 1986, S. 133–137.  
Added by: joachim 2009-09-27 21:21
Friesen, Jan, John T. Van Stan und Skander Elleuche: "Communicating Science through Comics. A Method." In: Publications 6.3 (2018).  
Last edited by: joachim 2020-06-29 16:45
Ghosal, Torsa: "The Page is Local. Planetarity and Embodied Metaphor in Anglophone Graphic Narratives From South Asia." In: Comics Studies Here and Now. Hrsg. v. Frederick Luis Aldama. (Routledge Advances in Comics Studies, 5.) London: Routledge, 2018, S. 180–190.  
Last edited by: joachim 2018-10-03 12:33
Giesa, Felix: "Graphische Künstlermythen. Comicbiogra­phien über Künstler." In: kjl&m 15.3 (2015).  
Added by: joachim 2017-08-05 10:59
Graham, Richard. 2015, 22. Juli Educational Comics Collection. [Online]. Available:  
Added by: joachim 2015-07-22 17:52
---. 2015, 22. Juli Government Comic Books. [Online]. Available: https://mediacommons.un ... una/servlet/UNL~113~113  
Added by: joachim 2015-07-22 21:38
Green, Michael J. "Comics and Medicine. Peering Into the Process of Professional Identity Formation." In: Academic Medicine 90.6 (2015), S. 774–779.  
Added by: joachim 2017-05-03 10:15
Grünewald, Dietrich (Hrsg.): Der dokumentarische Comic. Reportage und Biografie. Bochum: Ch.A. Bachmann, 2013. (392 S.)  
Last edited by: joachim 2018-12-20 11:52
Hangartner, Urs: "Sachcomics." In: Comics und Graphic Novels. Eine Einführung. Hrsg. v. Julia Abel und Christian Klein. 2015, S. 291–303.  
Last edited by: joachim 2018-04-30 15:34
---: "»Sequential art to teach something specific«. Sachcomics – Definitorisches, Historisches, Aktuelles." In: Wissen durch Bilder. Sachcomics als Medien von Bildung und Information. Hrsg. v. Urs Hangartner, Felix Keller und Dorothea Oechslin. (Kultur- und Medientheorie.) Bielefeld: Transcript, 2013, S. 13–42.  
Added by: joachim 2018-02-22 17:15
Hangartner, Urs, Felix Keller und Dorothea Oechslin (Hrsg.): Wissen durch Bilder. Sachcomics als Medien von Bildung und Information. (Kultur- und Medientheorie.) Bielefeld: Transcript, 2013. (260 S.)  
Last edited by: joachim 2014-01-10 11:10
Hansen, Bert: "Medical History for the Masses. How American Comic Books Celebrated Heroes of Medicine in the 1940s." In: Bulletin of the History of Medicine 78.1 (2004), S. 148–191.  
Last edited by: joachim 2010-06-16 13:36
---: "Medical History’s Graphic Power in American True-Adventure Comic Books of the 1940s." In: Handbook of Popular Culture and Biomedicine. Knowledge in the Life Sciences as Cultural Artefact. Hrsg. v. Arno Görgen, German Alfonso Nunez und Heiner Fangerau. Cham: Springer, 2019, S. 179–194.  
Last edited by: joachim 2020-09-15 15:46
Hertrampf, Marina Ortrud M. "Die Visualisierung des Nichtsagbaren oder das Verschwinden der Bilder in Paco Rocas Arrugas (2007)." In: Medienobservationen (26. März 2012).  
Last edited by: joachim 2018-08-25 16:58
Hiebler, Heinz: "Wer rasiert den Barbier? Paradoxien der (auto)biografischen Wissensvermittlung in der Graphic Novel Logicomix." In: Der dokumentarische Comic. Reportage und Biografie. Hrsg. v. Dietrich Grünewald. Bochum: Ch.A. Bachmann, 2013, S. 337–356.  
Last edited by: joachim 2018-12-20 11:54
---: "Wissens- und Kulturvermittlung in Graphic Novels und Comic Guides. Mediale Praktiken der Welterschließung am Beispiel der Themenbereiche Sexualität und Japan." In: Germanistische Mitteilungen 38.2 (2012), S. 45–66.  
Added by: joachim 2016-08-12 12:18
Hollerweger, Elisabeth und Anna Stemmann: "Wenn möglich, bitte wenden …. Klimawandel als Makrothema einer Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung im medienintegrativen Deutschunterricht am Beispiel des Comics Die große Transformation." In: Lesefutter für Groß und Klein. Kinder- und Jugendliteratur nach 2000 und literarisches Lernen im medienintegrativen Deutschunterricht. Hrsg. v. Petra Josting und Ricarda Dreier. (kjl&m extra, 14.) München: kopaed, 2014, S. 169–177.  
Last edited by: joachim 2019-03-06 11:22
van der Hoorn, Mélanie: Bakstenen & Ballonnen. Architectuur in stripvorm. Rotterdam: nai010, 2012. (224 S.)  
Added by: joachim 2013-03-27 16:17
---: Bricks & Balloons. Architecture in comic-strip form. Rotterdam: nai010, 2012. (224 S.)  
Last edited by: joachim 2013-03-27 16:13
Hosler, Jay und K. B. Boomer: "Are Comic Books an Effective Way to Engage Nonmajors in Learning and Appreciating Science?" In: CBE—Life Sciences Education 10.3 (2011), S. 309–317, .  
Last edited by: joachim 2015-02-05 11:17
Hureau, Maxime: "La bande dessinée comme forme académique. Réflexions sur Le Déploiement de Nick Sousanis." In: Belphégor 17.1 (2019).  
Last edited by: joachim 2019-05-15 17:11
de la Iglesia, Martin: "Early manga translations in the West. Underground cult or mainstream failure?" In: Comics Forum (14. Juli 2014).  
Last edited by: joachim 2014-07-17 16:42
Iwasaki, Minoru und Steffi Richter: "The Topology of Post-1990s Historical Revisionism." In: positions. east asia cultures critique 16.3 (2008), S. 507–538.  
Last edited by: joachim 2016-04-18 08:16
Jee, Benjamin D. und Florencia K. Anggoro: "Comic Cognition. Exploring the Potential Cognitive Impacts of Science Comics." In: Journal of Cognitive Education and Psychology 11.2 (2012), S. 196–208.  
Last edited by: joachim 2021-07-17 17:52
Jung, Thomas: "Pop-Icon Adolf Hitler. Hitler-Comics and Collective Memory in Contemporary Germany." In: Unmasking Hitler. Cultural Representations of Hitler from the Weimar Republic to the Present. Hrsg. v. Klaus L. Berghahn und Jost Hermand. (German Life and Civilization, 44.) 2005, S. 237–257.  
Last edited by: joachim 2011-07-26 16:02
Jüngst, Heike Elisabeth: "Educational Comics – Text-type, or Text-types in a Format?" In: Image [&] Narrative 1.1 (2000).  
Last edited by: joachim 2009-07-27 20:00
---: Information Comics. Knowledge Transfer in a Popular Format. (Leipziger Studien zur angewandten Linguistik und Translatologie, 7.) Frankfurt am Main [etc.]: Peter Lang, 2010. (365 S.)  
Added by: joachim 2018-04-30 15:28
---: "Sachcomics für Kinder." In: Non Fiktion 5.1–2 (2010), S. 57–72.  
Last edited by: joachim 2011-03-14 02:17
---: "Sachcomics für Kinder. Erscheinungsformen, Themen, Strukturen." In: Kinder- und Jugendliteraturforschung 18 (2011/12), S. 75–86.  
Last edited by: joachim 2013-03-02 16:55
---: "Sachcomicübersetzung und Laienübersetzung." In: Comics – Übersetzungen und Adaptionen. Hrsg. v. Nathalie Mälzer. (TRANSÜD, 76.) Berlin: Frank & Timme, 2015, S. 301–320.  
Added by: joachim 2018-07-05 12:18
---: "Textsortenrealisierung im Comic-Format. Comics zum Fremdsprachenlernen." In: Lebende Sprachen 47 (2002), S. 1–6.  
Last edited by: joachim 2010-01-01 14:43
---: "Translating Educational Comics." In: Comics in Translation. Hrsg. v. Federico Zanettin. Manchester: St. Jerome, 2008.  
Added by: joachim 2009-09-21 21:21
---: "Wissen aus der Sprechblase. Sachcomics." In: Bulletin Jugend & Literatur 38.11 (2007), S. 13–16.  
Added by: joachim 2013-03-02 16:57
---: "Wissenstransfer und Narration. Der Sachcomic." In: Typen von Wissen. Begriffliche Unterscheidung und Ausprägungen in der Praxis des Wissenstransfers. Hrsg. v. Tilo Weber und Gerd Antos. (Transferwissenschaften, 7.) Frankfurt am Main [etc.]: Peter Lang, 2009, S. 277–289.  
Added by: joachim 2011-01-03 14:00
---: "Young Girls, Cats, and Camcorders." In: Image [&] Narrative 2.2 (2002).  
Added by: joachim 2011-01-03 14:29
Kane, Brian M. Adapting the Graphic Novel Format for Undergraduate-Level Textbooks. PhD (Diss.), Ohio State University 2013 (200 S.).  
Last edited by: joachim 2014-03-27 11:13
Karuchit, Warat: "The Renaissance of Thai Knowledge Cartoons." In: International Journal of Comic Art 12.1 (2010), S. 34–49.  
Added by: joachim 2011-06-25 10:28
Keller, Felix: "Gesellschaft als Comic. Soziologie via Bilderzählung." In: Wissen durch Bilder. Sachcomics als Medien von Bildung und Information. Hrsg. v. Urs Hangartner, Felix Keller und Dorothea Oechslin. (Kultur- und Medientheorie.) Bielefeld: Transcript, 2013, S. 93–130.  
Added by: joachim 2018-02-22 17:38
Klappert, Annina: "Comic und Kulturpolitik. Der »Hitler«-Comic als Hitler-Denkmal." In: Narrative der Shoa. Repräsentationen der Vergangenheit in Historiographie, Kunst und Politik. Hrsg. v. Susanne Düwell und Matthias Schmidt. (Studien zu Judentum und Christentum.) Paderborn: Schöningh, 2002, S. 143–169.  
Last edited by: joachim 2011-07-26 16:36
Knoblauch, Heidi Katherine: "“A Campaign Won as a Public Issue Will Stay Won”. Using Cartoons and Comics to Fight National Health Care Reform, 1940s and Beyond." In: American Journal of Public Health 104.2 (2014), S. 227–236.  
Added by: joachim 2016-11-30 10:03
Köhn, Stephan: "Gourmetcomics in Japan. Betrachtungen zum Begründer und Trendsetter Oishinbo [Der kleine Feinschmecker]." In: Japanstudien 12 (2000), S. 183–209.  
Last edited by: joachim 2010-03-01 18:09
Laffage-Cosnier, Sébastien und Jean-Charles Andrieu de Levis: "Pour une écriture universitaire polymorphe. La transcription de héros ordinaires en héros de bande dessinée." In: Loisir et Société / Society and Leisure 41.2 (2018), S. 280–296.  
Last edited by: joachim 2018-10-20 18:21
Lefèvre, Pascal: "The Modes of Documentary Comics." In: Der dokumentarische Comic. Reportage und Biografie. Hrsg. v. Dietrich Grünewald. Bochum: Ch.A. Bachmann, 2013, S. 50–60.  
Last edited by: joachim 2018-12-20 11:57
---: "Die Modi dokumentarischer Comics." In: Der dokumentarische Comic. Reportage und Biografie. Hrsg. v. Dietrich Grünewald. Bochum: Ch.A. Bachmann, 2013, S. 31–49.  
Last edited by: joachim 2018-12-20 11:57
Leinfelder, Reinhold, Alexandra Hamann und Jens Kirstein: "Wissenschaftliche Sachcomics. Multimodale Bildsprache, partizipative Wissensgenerierung und raumzeitliche Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten." In: Haare hören – Strukturen wissen – Räume agieren. Berichte aus dem Interdisziplinären Labor »Bild Wissen Gestaltung«. Hrsg. v. Horst Bredekamp und Wolfgang Schäffner. 2015, S. 45–60.  
Last edited by: joachim 2019-03-29 09:34
Lim, Yeo-Joo: "Educational graphic novels. Korean children’s favorite now." In: Bookbird 49.4 (2011), S. 40–48.  
Last edited by: joachim 2012-09-07 12:49
Liou, Kevin T. et al. "Playing in the “Gutter”. Cultivating Creativity in Medical Education and Practice." In: Academic Medicine 91.3 (2016), S. 322–327.  
Added by: joachim 2017-05-03 13:58
Mahrt, Nina: "A Comic Approach to Politics? Political Education via Comics." In: Journal of Social Science Education 7/8.2/1 (2008), S. 119–131, .  
Last edited by: joachim 2015-09-03 17:42
Marukawa, Tetsushi und Davinder L. Bhowmik: "On Kobayashi Yoshinori's On Taiwan." In: positions. east asia cultures critique 12.1 (2004), S. 93–112.  
Last edited by: joachim 2016-04-18 08:22
Marukawa, Tetsushi: "Situating Yoshinori Kobayashi's Taiwan ron (‘The Taiwan Question’) in East Asia." In: Postcolonial Studies 6 (2003), S. 239–244.  
Added by: joachim 2010-05-15 15:34
McNicol, Sarah und Simon Weaver: "“Dude! You mean you’ve never eaten a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?!?”. Nut Allergy as Stigma in Comic Books." In: Health Communication 28.3 (2013), S. 217–225.  
Last edited by: joachim 2017-06-17 09:32
Mickwitz, Nina: "“True Story”. The Aesthetic Balancing Acts of Documentary Comics." In: ImageTexT 11.1 (2019).  
Added by: joachim 2020-11-07 19:50
Mitchell, Adrielle: "Exposition and Disquisition. Nonfiction Graphic Narratives and Comics Theory in the Literature Classroom." In: Teaching Comics and Graphic Narratives. Essays on Theory, Strategy and Practice. Hrsg. v. Lan Dong. Jefferson, London: McFarland, 2012, S. 198–209.  
Added by: joachim 2014-10-07 10:58
Murali, Chinmay und Sweetha Saji: "Is Educational Health Comics Graphic Medicine?" In: Gnosis Special Issue 3 (2019), S. 166–179.  
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