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Aarons, Victoria: Holocaust Graphic Narratives. Generation, Trauma, and Memory. New Brunswick: Rutgers Univ. Press, 2020. (241 S.)  
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Abirached, Zeina: "Artist’s Statement." In: European Comic Art 8.1 (2015), S. 69–86.  
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Acheson, Charles: "Expanding the Role of the Gutter in Nonfiction Comics. Forged Memories in Joe Sacco’s Safe Area Goražde." In: Studies in the Novel 47.3 (2015), S. 291–307.  
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Ahmed, Maaheen und Benoît Crucifix (Hrsg.): Comics and Memory. Archives and Styles. (Palgrave Studies in Comics and Graphic Novels.) New York [etc.]: Palgrave Macmillan, 2018. (290 S.)  
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Ahmed, Maaheen: "Instrumentalising Media Memories. The Second World War According to Achtung Zelig!." In: European Comic Art 12.1 (2019), S. 1–20.  
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Ahrens, Jörn: "Comic und traumgebundene Realität. David B.s Die heilige Krankheit als Kunst des Erinnerns." In: Erzählen im Comic. Beiträge zur Comicforschung. Hrsg. v. Otto Brunken und Felix Giesa. Bochum: Ch.A. Bachmann, 2013, S. 273–292.  
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Aleixo, Paul A. und Krystina Sumner: "Memory for biopsychology material presented in comic book format." In: Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics 8.1 (2017), S. 79–88.  
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Anderson, John C. und Bradly Katz: "Read Only Memory. Maus and Its Marginalia on CD-Rom." In: Considering Maus. Approaches to Art Spiegelman’s “Survivor's tale” of the Holocaust. Hrsg. v. Deborah R. Geis. Tuscaloosa: Univ. of Alabama Press, 2003, S. 159–174.  
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Baetens, Jan: "Historicising achronism. Some notes on the idea of art without history in David Carrier’s The Aesthetics of Comics." In: Image [&] Narrative 12.4 (2011), S. 130–145, .  
Added by: joachim 2012-05-27 22:12
---: "Uncaging and Reframing Martin Vaughn-James’s The Cage." In: Drawing from Life. Memory and Subjectivity in Comic Art. Hrsg. v. Jane Tolmie. Jackson: Univ. Press of Mississippi, 2013, S. 67–85.  
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Balzer, Jens: "Wer hat an der Uhr gedreht? Gefälschtes Gedächtnis, stillstehende Zeit. Über einige Motive in den Comics von Miyazaki Hayao, Moebius und Chris Ware." In: Szenarien des Comic. Helden und Historien im Medium der Schriftbildlichkeit. Hrsg. v. Stefanie Diekmann und Matthias Schneider. Berlin: SuKuLTuR, 2005, S. 144–156.  
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Banita, Georgiana: "Chris Ware and the Pursuit of Slowness." In: The Comics of Chris Ware. Drawing is a Way of Thinking. Hrsg. v. David M. Ball und Martha B. Kuhlman. Jackson: Univ. Press of Mississippi, 2010, S. 177–190.  
Last edited by: joachim 2014-07-29 14:23
Banner, Gillian: Holocaust Literature. Schulz, Levi, Spiegelman and the Memory of the Offence. (Parkes-Wiener series on Jewish studies.) London: Vallentine Mitchell, 2000. (206 S.)  
Added by: joachim 2012-10-23 00:13
Barrera-Vidal, Albert: "Selbstbilder und Fremdbilder in der frankophonen Bande dessinée Belgiens am Beispiel Deutschlands." In: Comic und Jugendliteratur in Belgien von ihren Anfängen bis heute. Hrsg. v. Anne Begenat-Neuschäfer. (Belgien im Fokus, 2.) Frankfurt am Main [etc.]: Peter Lang, 2008, S. 121–152.  
Last edited by: joachim 2014-10-04 14:10
Barrett, Matthew: "De-picturing John A. Macdonald. Opportunities and Challenges of Representing Canada’s Past with Graphic History." In: The Canadian Hiustorical Review 103.1 (2022), S. 32–74.  
Added by: joachim 2022-04-07 11:11
Bartual, Roberto: "Gasoline Alley, 22 April 1934." In: The Comics Grid. Journal of Comics Scholarship. Year One. Hrsg. v. Ernesto F. Priego Ramirez. London: The Comics Grid Digital First Editions, 2012, S. 20–23.  
Added by: joachim 2012-12-16 16:35
---: "Towards a Panoptical Representation of Time and Memory – Chris Ware, Marcel Proust and Henri Bergson’s “Pure Duration”." In: Scandinavian Journal of Comic Art 1.1 (2012), S. 46–68, .  
Added by: joachim 2012-06-11 00:19
Basu, Lopamudra: "The Graphic Memoir in a State of Exception. Transformations of the Personal in Art Spiegelman’s In the Shadow of No Towers." In: Drawing from Life. Memory and Subjectivity in Comic Art. Hrsg. v. Jane Tolmie. Jackson: Univ. Press of Mississippi, 2013, S. 163–184.  
Added by: joachim 2014-07-28 12:06
op de Beeck, Nathalie: "Found Objects (Jem Cohen, Ben Katchor, Walter Benjamin)." In: Modern Fiction Studies 52.4 (2006), S. 807–831.  
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Begag, Azouz: "Mai 1945 à Sétif. Genèse d’une bande dessinée." In: Contemporary French and Francophone Studies 17.1 (2013), S. 99–116.  
Added by: joachim 2013-08-28 13:45
Behringer, Marco: Der Holocaust in Sprechblasen. Erinnerung im Comic. Marburg: Tectum, 2009. (180 S.)  
Added by: joachim 2011-07-15 21:59
Berger, Alan L. Children of Job. American Second-Generation Witnesses to the Holocaust. Albany: SUNY Pr. 1997. (241 S.)  
Added by: joachim 2010-11-08 17:40
Berlatsky, Eric: "“Lightning Only Strikes Twice Once, Y’Know”. Phallic Mothers, Fetishism, and Replacement in the comics of Los Bros Hernandez (Part II)." In: The Hooded Utilitarian (13. Apr. 2012).  
Added by: joachim 2014-10-06 15:54
---: "The Limits of Postmodern Memory. Kundera’s The Book of Laughter and Forgetting and Spiegelman’s Maus." (2009).  
Added by: joachim 2012-02-04 12:51
---: "Memory as Forgetting. The Problem of the Postmodern in The Book of Laughter and Forgetting and Maus." In: Cultural Critique 55 (2003), S. 101–151.  
Last edited by: joachim 2011-09-30 15:21
---: The Real, The True, and the Told. Postmodern Historical Narrative and the Ethics of Representation. (Theory and Interpretation of Narrative.) Columbus: Ohio State University Libraries, 2011. (250 S.)  
Added by: joachim 2015-04-20 09:01
Besozzi, Michael T. “To Blaze Forever in a Blazing World”. Queer Reconstruction and Cultural Memory in the Works of Alan Moore. Master of Arts (Thesis), Georgia State University, College of Arts and Sciences 2011 (87 S.).  
Added by: joachim 2012-11-19 20:19
Bicker, Mathis: "Museumslektionen. Comic und Archiv, ein Versuch." In: Prinzip Synthese: Der Comic. Hrsg. v. Mathis Bicker, Ute Friederich und Joachim Trinkwitz. (Edition Kritische Ausgabe, 1.) Bonn: Weidle, 2011, S. 17–24.  
Added by: joachim 2011-10-19 01:08
Blancher, Marc: "On affame bien les rats!. oder: Ein ästhetischer Bericht über die Unterdrückung in den 70er Jahren." In: Comics & Politik. Comics & Politics. Hrsg. v. Stephan Packard. Bochum: Ch.A. Bachmann, 2014, S. 327–343.  
Last edited by: joachim 2019-03-21 15:34
Brock, Jennifer: "‘One Should Never Forget’ . The Tangling of History and Memory in Persepolis." In: Graphic History. Essays on Graphic Novels And/As History. Hrsg. v. Richard Iadonisi. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publ. 2012, S. 223–241.  
Added by: joachim 2013-03-12 22:38
Brogan, Jacob: "From Comics History to Personal Memory." In: The Comics Journal (28. Jan. 2012).  
Added by: joachim 2013-07-03 12:27
Brown, Joshua: "Of Mice and Memory." In: Oral History Review 16.1 (1988), S. 91–109.  
Added by: joachim 2009-09-10 10:09
Bukh, Alexander: "Reception of the revisionist historical manga in Japan. A case study of university students." In: Inter-Asia Cultural Studies 13.4 (2012), S. 623–638.  
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Busi Rizzi, Giorgio: "Portrait of the Artist as a Nostalgic. Seth’s It’s a Good Life if You Don’t Weaken." In: Comics Memory. Archives and Styles. Hrsg. v. Maaheen Ahmed und Benoît Crucifix. (Palgrave Studies in Comics and Graphic Novels.) New York [etc.]: Palgrave Macmillan, 2018, S. 15–36.  
Last edited by: joachim 2018-09-04 17:53
Calargé, Carla und Alexandra Gueydan-Turek: "La guerre du Liban à/et l’écran des souvenirs dans Le Jeu des hirondelles et Je me souviens. Beyrouth de Zeina AbiRached." In: French Cultural Studies 25.2 (2014), S. 202–220.  
Last edited by: joachim 2019-04-27 20:09
---: "De la fabrique du réel (apocalyptique) dans la bande dessinée Beyrouth Bye Bye … de Barrack Rima." In: International Journal of Francophone Studies 20.1–2 (2017), S. 57–72.  
Last edited by: joachim 2021-03-29 14:31
Capart, Philippe: "Store Memory." In: Comics Memory. Archives and Styles. Hrsg. v. Maaheen Ahmed und Benoît Crucifix. (Palgrave Studies in Comics and Graphic Novels.) New York [etc.]: Palgrave Macmillan, 2018, S. 277–280.  
Last edited by: joachim 2018-09-05 18:48
Carter, James Bucky: "Teaching Peter Parker’s Ghosts of Milton. Anxiety of Influence, the Trace, and Platonic Knowing in Ultimate Spider-Man Volume 1." In: Web-Spinning Heroics. Critical Essays on the History and Meaning of Spider-Man. Hrsg. v. Robert Moses Peaslee und Robert G. Weiner. Jefferson, London: McFarland, 2012, S. 63–68.  
Last edited by: joachim 2012-09-23 14:51
Catalá-Carrasco, Jorge L., Paulo Drinot und James Scorer (Hrsg.): Comics and Memory in Latin America. (Illuminations.) Pittsburgh: Univ. of Pittsburgh Press, 2017. (262 S.)  
Added by: joachim 2018-09-06 17:54
---: "Introduction. Comics and Memory in Latin America." In: Comics and Memory in Latin America. Hrsg. v. Jorge L. Catalá-Carrasco, Paulo Drinot und James Scorer. (Illuminations.) Pittsburgh: Univ. of Pittsburgh Press, 2017, S. 3–32.  
Added by: joachim 2018-09-06 19:49
Cates, Isaac: "Memory, Signal, and Noise in the Collaborations of Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean." In: Drawing from Life. Memory and Subjectivity in Comic Art. Hrsg. v. Jane Tolmie. Jackson: Univ. Press of Mississippi, 2013, S. 144–162.  
Last edited by: joachim 2014-07-28 11:57
Cavallaro, Dani: Anime and Memory. Aesthetic, Cultural and Thematic Perspectives. Jefferson, London: McFarland, 2009. (204 S.)  
Added by: joachim 2013-06-04 09:07
Chapman, Jane, Daniel Ellin und Adam Sherif: Comics, the Holocaust and Hiroshima. (The Holocaust and its Contexts.) New York [etc.]: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015. (95 S.)  
Last edited by: joachim 2018-05-07 10:19
Charlson, Joshua L. "Framing the Past. Postmodernism and the Making of Reflective Memory in Art Spiegelman’s Maus." In: Arizona Quarterly 57.3 (2001), S. 91–120.  
Added by: joachim 2018-08-01 16:51
Cheurfa, Hiyem: "Testifying Graphically. Bearing Witness to a Palestinian Childhood in Leila Abdelrazaq’s Baddawi." In: a/b: Auto/Biography Studies 35.2 (2020), S. 359–382.  
Last edited by: joachim 2020-08-26 18:55
Cho, Jennifer: "Touching Pasts In The Shadow of No Towers. 9/11 and Art Spiegelman’s Comix of Memory." In: The Popular Avant-Garde. Hrsg. v. Renée M. Silverman. (Avant-Garde Critical Studies, 25.) Amsterdam [etc.]: Rodopi, 2010, S. 201–211.  
Last edited by: joachim 2017-02-19 17:36
Chute, Hillary: "Comics as Archives. MetaMetaMaus." In: emisférica 9.1–2 (2012).  
Added by: joachim 2016-04-15 10:46
---: "Comics Form and Narrating Lives." In: Profession (2011), S. 107–117.  
Added by: joachim 2014-06-22 16:16
---: Disaster Drawn. Visual Witness, Comics, and Documentary Form. Cambridge: Harvard Univ. Press, 2016. (359 S.)  
Last edited by: joachim 2016-02-19 18:28
---: "Materializing Memory. Lynda Barry’s One Hundred Demons." In: Graphic Subjects. Critical Essays on Autobiography and Graphic Novels. Hrsg. v. Michael A. Chaney. (Wisconsin Studies in Autobiography.) Madison: Univ. of Wisconsin Press, 2011, S. 282–309.  
Added by: joachim 2011-12-19 12:10
---: "The Texture of Retracing in Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis." In: Women's Studies Quarterly 36.1/2 (2008), S. 92–110.  
Last edited by: joachim 2011-08-03 11:32
Clarkson, Alexander: "Virtual Heroes. Boys, Masculinity and Historical Memory in War Comics 1945–1995." In: Thymos 2 (2008), S. 175–185.  
Last edited by: joachim 2010-11-20 18:22
Clopton, Kay K. "Ha-Fuun and Other Sounds of Enjoyment. How Giongo and Gitaigo Shift from Entertainment to Lived Experience in Insufficient Direction." In: International Journal of Comic Art 20.1 (2018), S. 563–574.  
Last edited by: joachim 2021-03-22 10:59
Connerty, Michael: "Selective Memory. Art History and the Comic Strip Work of Jack B. Yeats." In: Comics Memory. Archives and Styles. Hrsg. v. Maaheen Ahmed und Benoît Crucifix. (Palgrave Studies in Comics and Graphic Novels.) New York [etc.]: Palgrave Macmillan, 2018, S. 231–248.  
Last edited by: joachim 2018-09-06 02:56
Cornog, Martha und Timothy Perper (Hrsg.): Graphic Novels Beyond the Basics. Insights and Issues for Libraries. Santa Barbara: Libraries Unlimited, 2009. (325 S.)  
Added by: joachim 2018-01-30 15:48
Cremins, Brian: Captain Marvel and the Art of Nostalgia. Jackson: Univ. Press of Mississippi, 2016. (203 S.)  
Last edited by: joachim 2018-05-25 21:14
---: "Nostalgia and Strange Tales #180." In: The Comics Grid 3.2 (2013).  
Added by: joachim 2016-06-20 13:11
Croissant, Doris: "Sexualizing Cultural Memory. The Manga Hermeneutics of The Tale of Genji." In: Review of Japanese Culture and Society 15 (2003), S. 90–91.  
Added by: joachim 2011-09-07 00:56
Crucifix, Benoît: "Rethinking the ‘Memorable Panel’ from Pierre Sterckx to Olivier Josso Hamel." In: European Comic Art 10.2 (2017), S. 24–47.  
Added by: joachim 2017-12-11 14:29
---: "Witnessing Fukushima Secondhand. Collage, Archive and Travelling Memory in Jacques Ristorcelli’s Les Écrans." In: The Comics Grid 6.4 (2016).  
Last edited by: joachim 2016-02-14 09:20
Cutter, Martha J. und Cathy J. Schlund-Vials (Hrsg.): Redrawing the Historical Past. History, Memory, and Multiethnic Graphic Novels. Athens: Univ. of Georgia Press, 2018. (354 S.)  
Last edited by: joachim 2020-03-08 16:30
Cvetkovich, Ann: "Drawing the Archive in Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home." In: Women's Studies Quarterly 36.1/2 (2008), S. 111–128.  
Last edited by: joachim 2011-08-03 11:34
Dardaillon, Sylvie und Christophe Meunier: "La série Paul de Michel Rabagliati. Récits d’espaces et de temps." In: Comicalités (17. Apr. 2013).  
Added by: joachim 2016-07-08 16:10
Darras, Bernard: "Corto Maltese, l’espace recomposé par la conscience et la mémoire." In: MEI 26 (2007), S. 135–147.  
Added by: joachim 2014-09-09 17:12
Davis, Rocío G. "A Graphic Self. Comics as autobiography in Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis." In: Prose Studies 27 (2005), S. 264–279.  
Added by: joachim 2011-12-19 12:03
Dean-Ruzicka, Rachel: "Mourning and Melancholia in Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic." In: ImageTexT 7.2 (2013).  
Added by: joachim 2014-02-11 18:54
Delannoy, Pierre Alban: MAUS d’Art Spiegelman. Bande dessinée et shoah. (Champs visuels.) Paris: L’Harmattan, 2002. (189 S.)  
Last edited by: joachim 2015-04-20 08:54
Dickason, Renée: "Entre mémoire et histoire. La fabrique d’un imaginaire de la Grande Guerre en bande dessinée. Le cas de Jacques Tardi." In: Lignes de front. Bande dessinée et totalitarisme. Hrsg. v. Viviane Alary und Benoît Mitaine. Chêne-Bourg: Georg, 2011, S. 185–203.  
Added by: joachim 2019-09-05 14:05
Diffrient, David Scott: "Contemporary comic books and Hollywood noir. Remediating cinematic style and cultural memory in The Fade Out." In: Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics 10.3 (2019), S. 342–367.  
Last edited by: joachim 2020-05-29 10:56
Dittmer, Jason: "Narrating urban assemblages—Chris Ware and Building Stories." In: Social & Cultural Geography 15.5 (2014), S. 477–503.  
Last edited by: joachim 2014-06-30 20:22
Doležalová, Lucie: "The Biblia picta Velislai and Latin Biblical Mnemonics in 14th and 15th C. Bohemia." In: Daphnis 41.2 (2012), S. 327–355.  
Last edited by: joachim 2017-06-20 08:56
Donn, Katharina: "‘Icons of a more Innocent Age’? Graphic Narratives after 9/11." In: Frightful Witnessing. The Rhetoric and (Re)Presentation of Fear, Horror and Terror. Hrsg. v. Beth A. Kattelman und Magdalena Hodalska. Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Pr. 2014.  
Added by: joachim 2014-09-12 12:47
Dony, Christophe und Caroline van Linthout: "Comics, Trauma and Cultural Memory(ies) of 9/11." In: The Rise and Reason of Comics and Graphic Literature. Critical Essays on the Form. Hrsg. v. Joyce Goggin und Dan A. Hassler-Forest. Jefferson, London: McFarland, 2010, S. 178–187.  
Last edited by: joachim 2012-01-30 10:44
Dony, Christophe: "Towards a vocabulary of displacement and utopian possibilities. Reading Shaun Tan’s The Arrival as a crossover text." In: Studies in Comics 3.1 (2012), S. 83–106.  
Last edited by: joachim 2012-10-31 23:38
---: "Trauma, Identity and Memory. The Individual/Collective Dialectic in 9/11-related Comics." In: International Journal of Comic Art 9.2 (2007), S. 340–372.  
Last edited by: joachim 2011-10-22 15:19
---: "Vertigo’s Archival Impulse as Memorious Discourse." In: Comics Forum (18. Okt. 2013).  
Added by: joachim 2019-02-25 18:16
Douglas, Allen und Fedwa Malti-Douglas: "From the Algerian War to the Armenian Massacres. Memory, Trauma, and Medicine in Petit Polio of Farid Boudjellal." In: International Journal of Comic Art 10.2 (2008), S. 282–307.  
Last edited by: joachim 2017-07-08 15:44
Doyle, Peter: "If Walls Could Talk. Spatialising Narrative in the Museum." In: Scan. Journal of media arts culture 5.2 (2008).  
Added by: joachim 2013-05-04 11:18
Drewniak, Dagmara: "Addicted to the Holocaust – Bernice Eisenstein’s Ways of Coping with Troublesome Memories in I Was a Child of Holocaust Survivors." In: Studia Anglica Posnaniensia 50.2–3 (2015), S. 39–50.  
Last edited by: joachim 2020-05-04 12:31
Dudek, Debra: "“Good Relationships Mean Good Lives”. Warrior-Survivor Identity/ies in David Alexander Robertson’s 7 Generations." In: Canadian Review of Comparative Literature / Revue Canadienne de Littérature Comparée 43.1 (2016), S. 39–50.  
Last edited by: joachim 2018-05-14 09:50
Duffy, Damian: "Remasters of American Comics. Sequential art as new media in the transformative museum context." In: Scan. Journal of media arts culture 6.1 (2009).  
Added by: joachim 2009-11-18 00:17
Dunley, Kathleen: "Ben Katchor and What’s Left Behind." In: The Comics Grid (27. Febr. 2012).  
Added by: joachim 2012-12-05 12:38
---: "A Note on Ben Katchor’s Temporal Palimpsests." In: The Comics Grid. Journal of Comics Scholarship. Year One. Hrsg. v. Ernesto F. Priego Ramirez. London: The Comics Grid Digital First Editions, 2012, S. 188–189.  
Last edited by: joachim 2013-01-21 00:06
---: "Seth’s Suspension of Perception in Palookaville #19." In: The Comics Grid. Journal of Comics Scholarship. Year One. Hrsg. v. Ernesto F. Priego Ramirez. London: The Comics Grid Digital First Editions, 2012, S. 82–85.  
Last edited by: joachim 2013-01-21 00:14
---: The space between. Ruins, narratives, and history. PhD (Thesis), University of Colorado 2007 (321 S.).  
Added by: joachim 2011-06-03 03:35
Eder, Barbara: "Bewegte Erinnerung. Zur ›autofiktionalen‹ Erinnerungskonstruktion in den Comics emigrierter Graphic Novel-Autorinnen." In: Comparativ 24.3 (2014), S. 97–111.  
Last edited by: joachim 2019-04-27 20:04
---: "Zeit der Revolution – Revolution der Zeit. Figuren der Zeitlichkeit in Marjane Satrapis Persepolis." In: Theorien des Comics. Ein Reader. Hrsg. v. Barbara Eder, Elisabeth Klar und Ramón Reichert. (Kultur- und Medientheorie.) Bielefeld: Transcript, 2011, S. 283–302.  
Last edited by: joachim 2011-10-01 02:27
Egger, Bettina: "Archives and Oral History in Emmanuel Guibert’s Le Photographe." In: Comics Memory. Archives and Styles. Hrsg. v. Maaheen Ahmed und Benoît Crucifix. (Palgrave Studies in Comics and Graphic Novels.) New York [etc.]: Palgrave Macmillan, 2018, S. 59–78.  
Last edited by: joachim 2018-09-06 16:15
---: Comic und Erinnerung. Oral History im Werk von Emmanuel Guibert. (Bildnarrative, 7.) Berlin: Ch.A. Bachmann, 2020. (248 S.)  
Last edited by: joachim 2020-10-16 11:32
Eggers, Zwanetta: "Zur Inszenierung der Erinnerns traumatischer Ereignisse im Film Waltz with Bashir." In: Geschlechtergedächtnisse. Gender-Konstellationen und Erinnerungsmuster in Literatur und Film der Gegenwart. Hrsg. v. Ilse Nagelschmidt, Inga Probst und Torsten Erdbrügger. (Literaturwissenschaft, 18.) Berlin: Frank & Timme, 2010, S. 89–109.  
Last edited by: joachim 2011-04-27 03:07
Enns, Anthony: "The City as Archive in Jason Lutes’s Berlin." In: Comics and the City. Urban Space in Print, Picture and Sequence. Hrsg. v. Jörn Ahrens und Arno Meteling. London, New York: Continuum, 2010, S. 45–59.  
Last edited by: joachim 2016-06-18 16:34
Fazio, Michele: "Past Lives. Memory and the Meaning of Work in The Walking Dead." In: Working-Class Comic Book Heroes. Class Conflict and Populist Politics in Comics. Hrsg. v. Marc DiPaolo. Jackson: Univ. Press of Mississippi, 2018, S. 49–80.  
Last edited by: joachim 2018-09-01 00:44
Foster, Michael Dylan: "Haunted Travelogue. Hometowns, Ghost Towns, and Memories of War." In: Mechademia 4 (2009), S. 164–181.  
Added by: joachim 2010-07-26 23:44
Frahm, Ole: "“These papers had too many memories. So I burned them”. Genealogical Remembrance in Art Spiegelman's Maus. A Survivors Tale." In: The Graphic Novel. Hrsg. v. Jan Baetens. (Symbolae Facultatis Litterarum Lovaniensis. Series D: Litteraria, 13.) Leuven: Leuven Univ. Press, 2001, S. 61–78.  
Last edited by: joachim 2010-02-16 01:22
Frenzel, Martin: "Der Holocaust im Comic." In: Aus Politik und Zeitgeschichte 64.33–34 (2014), S. 30–34.  
Last edited by: joachim 2014-08-21 14:54
---: "Über Maus hinaus. Erfundene und biografische Erinnerung im Genre der Holocaust-Comics." In: Rechtsextremismus, Rassismus und Antisemitismus in Comics. Hrsg. v. Ralf Palandt. Berlin: Archiv der Jugendkulturen, 2011, S. 206–283.  
Added by: joachim 2011-09-04 23:44
---: "Zwischen erfundener und erlebter Erinnerung. Die Shoah im Comic." In: Weltentwürfe im Comic/film. Mensch, Gesellschaft, Religion. Hrsg. v. Theresia Heimerl und Christian Wessely. (Religion, Film und Medien, 2.) Marburg: Schüren, 2018, S. 160–192.  
Last edited by: joachim 2018-08-25 13:22
Frey, Hugo: "History and Memory in Franco-Belgian Bande Dessinée (BD)." In: Rethinking History 6 (2002), S. 293–304.  
Last edited by: joachim 2012-11-23 14:28
Friedenthal, Andrew J. "The Punishment of War. Marvel Comics’ The Punisher and the Evolving Memory of Vietnam." In: Journal of Comics and Culture 1 (2016), S. 123–150.  
Last edited by: joachim 2017-03-13 17:17
Friedman, Elisabeth R. "Spiegelman’s magic box. MetaMaus and the archive of representation." In: Studies in Comics 3.2 (2012), S. 275–291.  
Added by: joachim 2017-05-04 12:30
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