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Banks, Amanda Carson and Elizabeth E. Wein. "Folklore and the Comic Book: The traditional meets the popular." New Directions in Folklore 2 1998. Accessed 21Mar. 2010. <https://scholarworks.iu ... ndif/article/view/19861>.   
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Brent, Ruth S. "Nonverbal Design Language in Comics." Journal of American Culture 14. (1991): 57–61.   
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Çetiner-Öktem, Züleyha. "Gothic Transformations: Revisiting the house on the borderland." Nostalgia or Perversion? Gothic Rewriting from the Eighteenth Century until the Present Day. Ed. Isabella van Elferen. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publ. 2007. 73–85.   
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Dietrich, Bryan D. "Queen of Pentacles: Archetyping wonder woman." Extrapolation 47. (2006): 207–36.   
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Egolf, Jamie. "Dreaming Superman: Exploring the action of the superhero(ine) in dreams, myth, and culture." Super/Heroes. From Hercules to Superman. Eds. Wendy Haslem, Angela Ndalianis and Chris Mackie. Washington: New Academia Publishing, 2007. 139–51.   
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Fontaine, Jacques. Hergé chez les initiés. Paris: Dervy, 2001.   
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Frankel, Valerie Estelle. The Avengers Face Their Dark Sides: Mastering the myth-making behind the marvel superheroes. Sunnyvale: LitCrit, 2015.   
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Gunston, John. "The Inverted Quest of Ashitaka: A jungian analysis of princess mononoke." Ecclectica 2003. Accessed 3Jun. 2011. <>.   
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Hanes, Stacie and Joe Sanders. "Reinventing the Spiel: Old stories, new approaches." The Sandman Papers. An Exploration of the Sandman Mythology. Ed. Joe Sanders. Seattle: Fantagraphics, 2006. 147–69.   
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Iaccino, James F. "Jungian Archetypes in American Comic Strips." Understanding the Funnies. Critical Interpretations of Comic Strips. Eds. Gail W. Pieper, Kenneth D. Nordin and Joseph Ursitti. Lisle: Procopian Pr. 1997. 62–76.   
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Kadenbach, Stefanie. Pantheon der Postmoderne: Transformation von mythen bei neil gaiman. Marburg: Tectum, 2010.   
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Kaw, Nigel. "The Comicbook Superhero: Myth for our times." Refractory 8 2005. Accessed 4Mar. 2011. <http://blogs.arts.unime ... or-our-times-nigel-kaw/>.   
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Lang, Robert. "Batman and Robin: A family romance." American Imago 47. (1990): 293–319.   
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LoCicero, Don. Superheroes and Gods: A comparative study from babylonia to batman. Jefferson, London: McFarland, 2008.   
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Lukach, Katherine M. "Transformative Encounters in the Works of Neil Gaiman." Master’s paper M.S. University of North Carolina, 2007.   
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Malone, Paul M. "My Own Private Apocalypse: Shinji ikari as schreberian paranoid superhero in hideaki anno’s neon genesis evangelion." Super/Heroes. From Hercules to Superman. Eds. Wendy Haslem, Angela Ndalianis and Chris Mackie. Washington: New Academia Publishing, 2007. 111–26.   
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Mason, Lizabeth Dutilly. "American Masculinity in Crisis: Trauma and superhero blockbusters." Thesis Master of Arts. Bowling Green State Univ. 2010.   
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Means-Shannon, Hannah. "Seeing double: The transforming personalities of alan moore’s promethea and the ulster cycle’s cuchulain." Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics 1. (2010): 93–104.   
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Means-Shannon, Hannah. "Violent Cases and Mr. Punch: Neil gaiman and dave mckean reflect darkly on the imagery of individuation." Studies in Comics 2. (2012): 357–73.   
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Okuhara, Rieko. "Walking Along With Nature: A psychological interpretation of my neighbor totoro." The Looking Glass 10. 2 2006. Accessed 30May. 2011. < ... lg/article/view/104/100>.   
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Packer, Sharon. Superheroes and Superegos: Analyzing the minds behind the masks. Santa Barbara: Praeger, 2010.   
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Rauch, Stephen. "‘Dream a Little Dream of Me …’: The relationship of dreams and myth in campbell, jung, and gaiman’s sandman." Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman and Joseph Campbell. In Search of the Modern Myth. Ed. Stephen Rauch. Rockville: Wildside, 2003. 22–37.   
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Reynolds, Richard. Super Heroes. A Modern Mythology. Studies in Popular Culture. 2nd ed. Jackson: Univ. Press of Mississippi, 1994.   
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Sanil, Merin. "From Gods to superheroes: An analysis of indian comics through a mythological lens." Continuum 31. (2017): 285–95.   
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Schechter, Harold. The New Gods: Psyche and symbol in popular art. Bowling Green: Bowling Green Univ. Popular Press, 1980.   
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Taylor, Jeremy. "Some archetypal symbolic aspects of Dream of the Rarebit Fiend." The Complete Dream of the Rarebit Fiend (1904-1913) by Winsor McCay ‘Silas’. Ed. Ulrich Merkl. [Self-publ.], 2007. 125–31.   
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Whitlark, James. Illuminated Fantasy: From blake’s visions to recent graphic fiction. Cranbury [etc.]: Associated Univ. Presses, 1988.   
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