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Women in Comics. 2012, 23. Juli. [Online]. Available:  
Added by: joachim 7/23/12, 10:54 PM
Abate, Michelle Ann: "‘Always gettin’ in trouble’. The Li’l Tomboy comic-book series, the good female consumer, and the fifties bad girl." In: Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics 6.1 (2015), S. 59–90.  
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---: Funny Girls. Guffaws, Guts, and Gender in Classic American Comics. Jackson: Univ. Press of Mississippi, 2019. (201 S.)  
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Abraham, Yamila: "Boys’ Love Thrives in Conservative Indonesia." In: Boys’ Love Manga. Essays on the Sexual Ambiguity and Cross-Cultural Fandom of the Genre. Hrsg. v. Antonia Levi, Mark McHarry und Dru Pagliassotti. Jefferson, London: McFarland, 2010, S. 44–55.  
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Adams, Kenneth A. "Arachnophobia. Love American Style." In: Journal of Psychoanalytic Anthropology 4.2 (1981), S. 157–197.  
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---: "Love American Style. II. “Octopoid” Genitality and the Medusal Madonna." In: Journal of Psychohistory 10.4 (1983), S. 409–462.  
Added by: joachim 6/20/13, 4:01 PM
Affuso, Elizabeth: "Everyday Costume. Feminized Fandom, Retail, and Beauty Culture." In: The Routledge Companion to Media Fandom. Hrsg. v. Melissa A. Click und Suzanne Scott. London, New York: Routledge, 2018, S. 184–192.  
Added by: joachim 8/4/20, 5:20 PM
Agosta-Ives, Valérie: "Salomon Assus (1850–1919). Humoristic Postcards as a Powerful Visual Medium Transcending Ethnic and Gender Issues in Early 1900s’ French Algeria." In: International Journal of Comic Art 11.1 (2009), S. 113–134.  
Added by: joachim 9/25/12, 3:37 PM
Akatsuka, Neal K. "Uttering the Absurd, Revaluing the Abject. Femininity and the Disavowal of Homosexuality in Transnational Boys’ Love Manga." In: Boys’ Love Manga. Essays on the Sexual Ambiguity and Cross-Cultural Fandom of the Genre. Hrsg. v. Antonia Levi, Mark McHarry und Dru Pagliassotti. Jefferson, London: McFarland, 2010, S. 159–176.  
Last edited by: joachim 2/13/17, 12:26 PM
Alaniz, José: "“Death Drive” to Los Alamos. Puma Blues as Eco-Male-ancholia." In: American Imago 77.3 (2020), S. 533–577.  
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---: "Into Her Dead Body. Moore & Campbell’s From Hell." In: Alan Moore. Portrait of an Extraordinary Gentleman. Hrsg. v. smoky man und Gary Spencer Millidge. Leigh-on-Sea: Abiogenesis, 2003, S. 145–149.  
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---: Komiks. Comic Art in Russia. Jackson: Univ. Press of Mississippi, 2010. (288 S.)  
Last edited by: joachim 7/28/14, 5:10 PM
---: "Masculinity and the Superhero in Post-Soviet Russian Comics." In: International Journal of Comic Art 11.1 (2009), S. 396–425.  
Added by: joachim 9/26/12, 11:02 AM
Aldama, Frederick Luis (Hrsg.): The Routledge Companion to Gender and Sexuality in Comic Book Studies. (Routledge Companions to Gender.) London, New York: Routledge, 2021. (569 S.)  
Last edited by: joachim 11/21/20, 1:25 PM
---: Your Brain on Latino Comics. From Gus Arriola to Los Bros Hernandez. (Cognitive Approaches to Literature and Culture.) Austin: Univ. of Texas Press, 2009. (341 S.)  
Last edited by: joachim 10/31/09, 6:35 PM
Alexander, Dorian: "Faces of Abjectivity. The Uncanny Mystique and Transsexuality." In: Gender and the Superhero Narrative. Hrsg. v. Michael Goodrum, Tara Prescott und Philip Smith. Jackson: Univ. Press of Mississippi, 2018, S. 180–204.  
Added by: joachim 9/24/20, 12:17 PM
Ali, Nyala: "Outsiders and Onlookers. Formulations of Girlhood in Two Novels by Mariko Tamaki." In: Jeunesse 7.1 (2015), S. 150–157, .  
Last edited by: joachim 8/16/19, 12:54 PM
Allen, Marlene D. "If You Can See It, You Can Be It. Black Panther’s Black Woman Magic." In: Africology 11.9 (2018), S. 20–22, .  
Added by: joachim 9/5/19, 1:33 PM
Allison, Anne: "Sailor Moon. Japanese Superheroes for Global Girls." In: Japan Pop! Inside the World of Japanese Popular Culture. Hrsg. v. Timothy J. Craig. Armonk: M. E. Sharpe, 2000, S. 259–278.  
Last edited by: joachim 9/19/09, 3:47 PM
Allocco, Katherine: "Could Guinevere ever be a superhero? Depictions of a warrior queen in Camelot 3000 (1982–1985)." In: Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics 9.1 (2018), S. 75–92.  
Last edited by: joachim 5/7/18, 12:38 PM
Alonso Jerez, Marta: "New Gender Identities in the Twenty-First Century. Blending Victorian and Steampunk Cultures." In: Victorianomania. Reimagining, Refashioning, and Rewriting Victorian Literature and Culture. Hrsg. v. Simonetta Falchi, Greta Perletti und Maria Isabel Romero Ruiz. (Critica letteraria e linguistica, 100.) Milano: FrancoAngeli, 2015, S. 59–72.  
Last edited by: joachim 8/26/20, 6:22 PM
Anan, Nobuko: "The Rose of Versailles. Women and Revolution in Girls’ Manga and the Socialist Movement in Japan." In: Journal of Popular Culture 47.1 (2014), S. 41–63.  
Added by: joachim 12/14/17, 2:12 AM
Andrae, Thomas: "Funnyman, Jewish Masculinity, and the Decline of the Superhero." In: Siegel and Shusters Funnyman. The First Jewish Superhero, from the Creators of Superman. Hrsg. v. Thomas Andrae und Mel Gordon. Port Townsend: Feral House, 2010, S. 49–85.  
Added by: s5magaub 5/10/16, 9:02 PM
Arjana, Sophia Rose: Veiled Superheroes. Islam, Feminism, and Popular Culture. Lanham [etc.]: Rowman & Littlefield, 2017. (147 S.)  
Last edited by: joachim 12/1/18, 11:36 PM
Armour, William S. "Representations of the Masculine in Tagame Gengoroh’s Ero SM Manga." In: Asian Studies Review 34 (2010), S. 443–466.  
Last edited by: joachim 7/24/11, 1:51 PM
Arp, Robert: "Hooded Justice and Captain Metropolis. The Ambiguously Gay Duo." In: Watchmen and Philosophy. A Rorschach Test. Hrsg. v. Mark D. White. (The Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series.) Hoboken: Wiley, 2009, S. 185–196.  
Last edited by: joachim 12/20/09, 12:59 AM
Artinger, Kai: "Graphic Novels und Fotografie. Das Geschichts- und Frauenbild in zwei deutschen Graphic Novels." In: Virtuelles Magazin 2000 64 (2012).  
Last edited by: joachim 12/20/18, 2:18 AM
Asimakoulas, Dimitris: "Synchrony issues in comics. Language transfer and gender-specific characterisation in English translations of Greek Aristophanic comics." In: Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics (2017), S. 1–23.  
Last edited by: joachim 9/3/19, 7:38 PM
Aucoin, Julianna: "The Superhero Diversity Problem." In: Harvard Political Review (24. Okt. 2014).  
Added by: joachim 3/28/17, 9:55 AM
Austin, Shannon: "Batman’s Female Foes. The Gender War in Gotham City." In: Journal of Popular Culture 48.2 (2015), S. 285–295.  
Added by: joachim 1/26/17, 12:23 PM
Austin, Hailey J. "If She Be Worthy. Performance of Female Masculinity and Toxic Geek Masculinity in Jason Aaron’s Thor: The Goddess of Thunder." In: Superheroes and Masculinity. Unmasking the Gender Performance of Heroism. Hrsg. v. Sean Parson und J. L. Schatz. Lanham [etc.]: Rowman & Littlefield, 2019, S. 29–45.  
Last edited by: joachim 6/27/20, 1:30 AM
Austin, Sara: "Sita, Surpanakha and Kaikeyi as political bodies. Representations of female sexuality in idealised culture." In: Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics 5.2 (2014), S. 125–136.  
Added by: joachim 6/22/14, 3:56 PM
Avery-Natale, Edward: "An Analysis of Embodiment among Six Superheroes in DC Comics." In: Social Thought and Research 32 (2013), S. 71–106.  
Added by: joachim 2/29/20, 12:42 PM
Babic, Annessa Ann: America’s Changing Icons. Constructing Patriotic Women from World War I to the Present. Lanham [etc.]: Rowman & Littlefield, 2018. (201 S.)  
Added by: joachim 7/20/20, 2:40 PM
Bachmayer, Eva: "»Gequälter Engel« – Das Frauenbild in den erotischen Comics in Japan. Versuch einer psychoanalytischen und feministischen Interpretation." In: Aspekte japanischer Comics. Hrsg. v. Megumi Maderdonner und Eva Bachmayer. (Beiträge zur Japanologie, 21.) Wien: Inst. f. Japanologie, Univ. Wien, 1986, S. 95–223.  
Added by: joachim 3/2/10, 1:05 AM
---: "»Gequälter Engel«. Das Frauenbild in den pornografischen Comics." In: Nippons neue Frauen. Hrsg. v. Ruth Linhart und Fleur Wöss. (rororo sachbuch, 8585.) Reinbek bei Hamburg: Rowohlt, 1990, S. 205–225.  
Last edited by: joachim 3/2/10, 1:17 AM
Bae, Michelle S. "Interrogating Girl Power. Girlhood, Popular Media, and Postfeminism." In: Visual Arts Research 37.2 (2011), S. 28–40.  
Last edited by: joachim 7/15/12, 9:31 AM
Bagge, Peter: "The Aline Kominsky-Crumb Interview." In: The Comics Journal 139 (1990), S. 50–73.  
Added by: joachim 6/12/18, 8:25 PM
Bagger, Christoffer: "Multiversal Queerbaiting. Alan Scott, Alternate Universes, and Gay Characters in Superhero Comics." In: Queerbaiting and Fandom. Teasing Fans Through Homoerotic Possibilities. Hrsg. v. Joseph Brennan. (Fandom and Culture.) Iowa City: Univ. of Iowa Press, 2019, S. 171–176.  
Added by: joachim 12/16/21, 4:48 PM
Bailey, Catherine E. "Prince Charming by Day, Superheroine by Night? Subversive Sexualities and Gender Fluidity in Revolutionary Girl Utena and Sailor Moon." In: Colloquy 24 (2012), S. 207–222, .  
Added by: joachim 3/11/13, 1:10 PM
Bainbridge, Jason und Craig Norris: "Posthuman Drag. Understanding Cosplay as Social Networking in a Material Culture." In: Intersections 32 (2013).  
Last edited by: joachim 10/12/21, 11:37 AM
Bajac-Carter, Maja, Norma Jones und Bob Batchelor (Hrsg.): Heroines of Comic Books and Literature. Portrayals in Popular Culture. Lanham [etc.]: Rowman & Littlefield, 2014. (258 S.)  
Last edited by: joachim 2/17/16, 6:38 PM
Baker, Kaysee und Arthur A. Raney: "Equally Super? Gender-Role Stereotyping of Superheroes in Children’s Animated Programs." In: Mass Communication and Society 10.1 (2007), S. 25–41.  
Last edited by: joachim 9/14/16, 9:40 AM
Baldanzi, Jessica und Hussein Rashid (Hrsg.): Ms. Marvel’s America. No Normal. Jackson: Univ. Press of Mississippi, 2020. (262 S.)  
Last edited by: joachim 5/18/20, 3:59 PM
Balinisteanu, Tudor: "Goddess Cults in Techno-Worlds. Tank Girl and the Borg Queen." In: Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion 28.1 (2012), S. 5–24.  
Last edited by: joachim 8/22/20, 8:15 PM
Balzer, Jens und Ole Frahm: "Immer Ärger mit der Identität – Frau, Subjekt, Blick und Bohême [sic] in den Comics von Julie Doucet." In: kritische berichte 21.4 (1993), S. 50–62.  
Last edited by: joachim 2/17/19, 12:49 PM
Balzer, Jens: "The Roses of Coconino. Reading the shōjo in Krazy Kat." In: Reading Manga. Local and Global Perceptions of Japanese Comics. Hrsg. v. Jaqueline Berndt und Steffi Richter. (Mitteldeutsche Studien zu Ostasien, 11.) Leipzig: Leipziger Universitätsverlag, 2006, S. 167–177.  
Last edited by: joachim 5/14/10, 8:06 PM
Bamberger, W. C. "The Near-Awakening of Diana Prince." In: The Ages of Wonder Woman. Essays on the Amazon Princess in Changing Times. Hrsg. v. Joseph J. Darowski. Jefferson: McFarland, 2013, S. 117–125.  
Last edited by: joachim 3/26/19, 5:42 PM
Banerjee, Supriya: "The Superwoman of India—A Feminist Analysis of the Devi and the Deviant." In: Gnosis Special Issue 3 (2019), S. 141–154.  
Added by: joachim 10/25/21, 8:02 PM
Banhold, Lars: Pink Kryptonite. Das Coming-out der Superhelden. (Comiqheft / Comiqbook, 2.) Bochum: Ch.A. Bachmann, 2012. (24 S.)  
Last edited by: joachim 10/12/12, 12:37 AM
Baraniak-Hirata, Zuzanna und Agata Włodarczyk: "Bending Gender in Japanese Arts. Queering Girls Culture, Takarazuka Revue and Boys’ Love Manga." In: Ambiguous Selves. Contesting Gender Binaries in Literature, Film and the Media. Hrsg. v. Barbara Braid, Ewa Glapka und Malwina Siemiątkowska. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publ. 2019, S. 295–316.  
Added by: joachim 1/25/21, 9:02 PM
Barber, Christie, Mio Bryce und Jason Davis: "The Making of Killer Cuties." In: Anime and Philosophy. Wide Eyed Wonder. Hrsg. v. Josef Steiff und Tristan D. Tamplin. (Popular Culture and Philosophy, 47.) Chicago: Open Court, 2010, S. 13–25.  
Added by: joachim 7/26/11, 5:30 PM
Barbour, Loren: "‘Nemeses! Dragons! Symbolism!’. Queering the fantasy hero narrative in Nimona." In: Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics (2020), S. 1–13.  
Last edited by: joachim 7/23/20, 3:25 PM
Barker, Martin: "Jackie and the Problem of Romance." In: A Comics Studies Reader. Hrsg. v. Jeet Heer und Kent Worcester. Jackson: Univ. Press of Mississippi, 2009, S. 190–206.  
Added by: joachim 1/3/11, 2:50 AM
Barman, Daisy: "Comics beyond Fun and Thrill. A Critical Reflection on Gender Dynamics and Public Imagination in Select Popular Comics-based Movies." In: Gnosis Special Issue 3 (2019), S. 81–91.  
Added by: joachim 10/25/21, 4:47 PM
Barounis, Cynthia: "Alison Bechdel and Crip-Feminist Autobiography." In: Journal of Modern Literature 39.4 (2016), S. 139–161.  
Last edited by: joachim 8/11/21, 2:25 PM
---: "Survival angst. Reading Hothead Paisan in the Trump era." In: Journal of Lesbian Studies 22.4 (2018), S. 415–423.  
Last edited by: joachim 2/29/20, 11:49 AM
Barry, Erin: "Eight-page eroticism. Sexual violence and the construction of normative masculinity in Tijuana Bibles." In: Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics 8.3 (2017), S. 227–237.  
Added by: joachim 7/9/17, 1:07 PM
Basel, Marie-Catherine: "Jacky Fleming: “Falling in Love”." In: Image [&] Narrative 2.2 (2002).  
Added by: joachim 1/3/11, 2:36 PM
Baskind, Samantha: "Plain Dealing Women. Lois Lane and the Origin of the Comic Book Heroine – A Conversation with Laura Siegel Larson." In: Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics 9.6 (2018), S. 634–644.  
Last edited by: joachim 8/2/20, 6:36 PM
Basu, Lopamudra: "Crossing Cultures/Crossing Genres. The Re-invention of the Graphic Memoir in Persepolis and Persepolis 2." In: Nebula 4.3 (2007), S. 1–19, .  
Last edited by: joachim 9/19/12, 1:57 PM
Battis, Jes: "The Kryptonite Closet. Silence and Queer." In: The Smallville Chronicles. Critical Essays on the Television Series. Hrsg. v. Lincoln Geraghty. Lanham [etc.]: Rowman & Littlefield, 2011, S. 45–64.  
Added by: joachim 3/28/17, 11:00 AM
Baudinette, Thomas: "Japanese gay men’s attitudes towards ‘gay manga’ and the problem of genre." In: East Asian Journal of Popular Culture 3.1 (2017), S. 59–72.  
Last edited by: joachim 5/12/19, 11:21 AM
Bauer, Heike: "Comics, Graphic Narratives, and Lesbian Lives." In: The Cambridge Companion to Lesbian Literature. Hrsg. v. Jodie Medd. (Cambridge Companions to Literature.) Cambridge [etc.]: Cambridge Univ. Press, 2015, S. 219–236.  
Last edited by: joachim 4/9/20, 1:10 PM
---: "Vital Lines Drawn From Books. Difficult Feelings in Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home and Are You My Mother?." In: Journal of Lesbian Studies 18.3 (2014), S. 266–281.  
Added by: joachim 4/20/15, 11:05 AM
Bauwens, Jessica: "Yoko Tsuno and the Franco-Belgian Girl Readers of Bande Dessinée." In: Women’s Manga in Asia and Beyond. Uniting Different Cultures and Identities. Hrsg. v. Fusami Ōgi et al. 2019, S. 181–198.  
Added by: joachim 5/7/21, 2:16 PM
Bauwens-Sugimoto, Jessica: "The “Monstrous Feminine” in the work of Sakamoto Shin'ichi." In: 国際文化研究 (Kokusai Bunka) 22 (2018), S. 3–16.  
Last edited by: joachim 6/23/20, 2:34 AM
---: "Queering Black Jack. A Look at How the Manga Industry Adapts to Changing Reader Demographics." In: Orientaliska Studier 147 (2016), S. 111–140.  
Added by: joachim 6/23/20, 1:58 AM
---: "Subverting masculinity, misogyny, and reproductive technology in SEX PISTOLS." In: Image [&] Narrative 12.1 (2011), S. 1–18, .  
Last edited by: joachim 4/3/11, 3:19 PM
Beaty, Bart: "Roy Lichtenstein’s Tears. Art vs. Pop in American Culture." In: Canadian Review of American Studies 34 (2004), S. 249–268.  
Last edited by: joachim 9/2/17, 11:59 AM
Bechdel, Alison: The Indelible Alison Bechdel. Confessions, Comix and Miscellaneous Dykes to Watch Out For. Ithaca: Firebrand Books, 1998. (223 S.)  
Last edited by: joachim 3/26/18, 1:11 PM
Beckman, Frida: "Good Girl Art – facing images of women in David Mack’s Kabuki." In: Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics 2 (2011), S. 39–54.  
Last edited by: joachim 6/20/11, 8:25 PM
Beckmann, Anna et al. "de_konstruierte Identität. Aushandlungen von gender in der Hure h von Anke Feuchtenberger und Kathrin de Vries." In: Comics an der Grenze. Sub/Versionen von Form und Inhalt. Hrsg. v. Matthias Harbeck, Linda-Rabea Heyden und Marie Schröer. Berlin: Ch.A. Bachmann, 2017.  
Last edited by: joachim 9/11/17, 11:17 PM
Beerman, Ruth J. "The body unbound. Empowered, heroism and body image." In: Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics 3.2 (2012), S. 201–213.  
Last edited by: joachim 5/30/13, 4:50 PM
Beers Fägersten, Kristy et al. (Hrsg.): Comic Art and Feminism in the Baltic Sea Region. Transnational Perspectives. (Routledge Studies in Gender, Sexuality, and Comics.) London, New York: Routledge, 2021. (256 S.)  
Last edited by: joachim 12/6/21, 7:05 PM
Beez, Jigal und Stefanie Kolbusa: "Kibiriti Ngoma. Gender Relations in Swahili Comics and Taarab-music." In: Stichproben 3.5 (2003), S. 49–71.  
Added by: joachim 9/25/12, 6:45 PM
Begley, Joshua: "Ceci N’est Pas Une Femme. The Negation of the Male Gaze in Gail Simone’s Red Sonja and Alex de Campi’s Grindhouse: Doors Open at Midnight." In: Works & Days 32.1–2 (2014), S. 181–205.  
Added by: joachim 3/1/17, 11:11 PM
Behr, Maiko: "Undefining Gender in Shimizu Reiko’s Kaguyahime." In: U.S.-Japan Women's Journal 25 (2003), S. 8–29.  
Last edited by: joachim 3/2/11, 2:06 AM
Benfer, Amy: "Los Bros Hernandez duet, with kissing. The boys talk about their women." In: (20. Febr. 2001).  
Added by: joachim 6/14/13, 9:54 AM
Bennett, Brooke: "Tough women of the apocalypse. Gender performativity in AMC’s The Walking Dead." In: Horror Studies 10.1 (2019), S. 87–104.  
Last edited by: joachim 6/12/19, 10:48 AM
Beritela, Gerard F. "Super-Girls and Mild Mannered Men. Gender Trouble in Metropolis." In: The Amazing Transforming Superhero! Essays on the Revision of Characters in Comic Books, Film and Television. Jefferson, London: McFarland, 2007, S. 52–69.  
Added by: joachim 11/26/09, 4:00 AM
Berland, Eti: "The Drama of Coming Out. Censorship and Drama by Raina Telgemeier." In: Graphic Novels for Children and Young Adults. A Collection of Critical Essays. Hrsg. v. Michelle Ann Abate und Gwen Athene Tarbox. (Children’s Literature Association Series.) Jackson: Univ. Press of Mississippi, 2017, S. 205–217.  
Last edited by: joachim 5/1/21, 8:11 PM
Berlatsky, Eric: "Between Supermen. Homosociality, Misogyny, and Triangular Desire in the Earliest Superman Stories." In: Comics Forum (11. Apr. 2013).  
Last edited by: joachim 4/12/13, 6:03 PM
---: "“Does That Change Anything?”. (Post)Feminist Implications of Gemma Bovery." In: Drawn from the Classics. Essays on Graphic Adaptations of Literary Works. Hrsg. v. Stephen E. Tabachnick und Esther Bendit Saltzman. Jefferson, London: McFarland, 2015, S. 127–146.  
Last edited by: joachim 8/8/17, 9:03 AM
---: "“Lightning Only Strikes Twice Once, Y’Know”. Phallic Mothers, Fetishism, and Replacement in the Comics of Los Bros Hernandez (Part I)." In: The Hooded Utilitarian (12. Apr. 2012).  
Added by: joachim 10/6/14, 3:20 PM
---: "“Lightning Only Strikes Twice Once, Y’Know”. Phallic Mothers, Fetishism, and Replacement in the comics of Los Bros Hernandez (Part II)." In: The Hooded Utilitarian (13. Apr. 2012).  
Added by: joachim 10/6/14, 3:54 PM
---: "Lone Woolf and Cubs. Alan Moore, Postmodern Fiction, and Third-Wave Feminist Utopianism." In: The Gay Utopia (20. Dez. 2007).  
Added by: joachim 2/27/14, 4:45 PM
Berlatsky, Eric und Sika Dagbovie-Mullins: "The Mixed-Race Child Within. Psychoanalyzing Race, Trauma, Vermin, and Spider-Man." In: American Imago 77.3 (2020), S. 569–601.  
Added by: joachim 10/11/20, 5:59 PM
Berlatsky, Noah: Wonder Woman. Bondage and Feminism in the Marston/Peter Comics, 1941–1948. (Comics Culture.) New Brunswick: Rutgers Univ. Press, 2015. (232 S.)  
Last edited by: joachim 1/15/15, 11:05 AM
Berndt, Jaqueline: "'Comfort Women' Comics, Multifaceted. Revisiting the 2014 Manhwa Exhibit in Angoulême from the Perspective of Manga Studies." In: Orientaliska Studier 147 (2016), S. 143–169.  
Added by: joachim 6/23/20, 2:11 AM
---: "Un/sichtbare Nacktheit. Zur kulturellen und ästhetischen Spezifik japanischer Comics." In: Nacktheit. Ästhetische Inszenierungen im Kulturvergleich. Hrsg. v. Kerstin Gernig. (Literatur – Kultur – Geschlecht. Kleine Reihe, 17.) Köln, Weimar, Wien: Böhlau, 2002, S. 327–348.  
Last edited by: joachim 7/30/09, 3:00 PM
Beronä, David A. "Pumping Iron. Male Stereotypes in Delisle’s Albert et les Autres." In: International Journal of Comic Art 6.1 (2004), S. 299–315.  
Last edited by: joachim 10/2/12, 7:13 AM
---: "A Renegade of Expression. David Wojnarowicz’s Autofiction in Comics." In: Image [&] Narrative 9.2 (2008).  
Last edited by: joachim 2/21/19, 5:38 PM
Besozzi, Michael T. “To Blaze Forever in a Blazing World”. Queer Reconstruction and Cultural Memory in the Works of Alan Moore. Master of Arts (Thesis), Georgia State University, College of Arts and Sciences 2011 (87 S.).  
Added by: joachim 11/19/12, 8:19 PM
Best, Mark: "Domesticity, Homosociality, and Male Power in Superhero Comics of the 1950s." In: Iowa Journal of Cultural Studies 6 (2005), S. 80–99.  
Last edited by: joachim 7/30/09, 5:54 PM
Bhadury, Poushali: "“There is no such thing as a straight woman”. Queer female representations in South Asian graphic narratives." In: Journal of Lesbian Studies 22.4 (2018), S. 424–434.  
Last edited by: joachim 2/29/20, 12:12 PM
Bhat, Shilpa Daithota: "Sita-centric Revisionism in Sita’s Ramayana, Androcentric Encoding and Conceptualizing the Diasporic abla nari." In: Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics (2021), S. 1–18.  
Last edited by: joachim 10/25/21, 4:58 PM
Bhattacharjee, Partha und Priyanka Tripathi: "‘Disease’ and Visual Rhetorics of Disability. Comics and Autopathography in the Works of Alison Bechdel." In: Gnosis 5.2 (2019), S. 263–274.  
Last edited by: joachim 3/3/21, 10:57 AM
Billard, Thomas J. und Brian L. MacAuley: "“It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s a Transgender Superhero!”. Transgender Characters in Marvel, DC, and Image Comics." In: Heroes, Heroines, and Everything in Between. Challenging Gender and Sexuality Stereotypes in Children's Entertainment Media. Hrsg. v. CarrieLynn D. Reinhard und Christopher J. Olson. Lanham [etc.]: Lexington, 2017.  
Last edited by: joachim 10/3/18, 9:03 AM
Birmingham, Elisabeth: "Girls’ Fantasies, Freedom, and Brotherly Love. Incest Narratives in Shōjo Anime." In: Intensities: The Journal of Cult Media 5 (2013), S. 24–47, .  
Added by: joachim 7/2/16, 12:19 PM
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