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Baetens, Jan: "A Cultural Approach to Nonnarrative Graphic Novels. A Case Study from Flanders." In: Teaching the Graphic Novel. Hrsg. v. Stephen E. Tabachnick. (Options for Teaching, 27.) New York: The Modern Language Assoc. of America, 2009, S. 281–287.  
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Beaty, Bart: Comics Versus Art. Toronto, Buffalo, London: Univ. of Toronto Press, 2012. (274 S.)  
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Berndt, Jaqueline: "Manga x Museum in Contemporary Japan." In: Manhwa, Manga, Manhua. East Asian Comics Studies. Hrsg. v. Jaqueline Berndt. (Leipziger Ostasien-Studien, 14.) Leipzig: Leipziger Universitätsverlag, 2012, S. 141–150.  
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Bicker, Mathis: "Museumslektionen. Comic und Archiv, ein Versuch." In: Prinzip Synthese: Der Comic. Hrsg. v. Mathis Bicker, Ute Friederich und Joachim Trinkwitz. (Edition Kritische Ausgabe, 1.) Bonn: Weidle, 2011, S. 17–24.  
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Bolton, Christopher: "UAAAAA! Trashkultur! An Interview with MAK’s Johannes Wieninger." In: Mechademia 2 (2007), S. 298–300.  
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Daenen, Roel: "The Tremendous Treasure. The Curious Problem of Preserving Belgian Comic Heritage." In: Comics Memory. Archives and Styles. Hrsg. v. Maaheen Ahmed und Benoît Crucifix. (Palgrave Studies in Comics and Graphic Novels.) New York [etc.]: Palgrave Macmillan, 2018, S. 259–265.  
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Daures, Pilau: "Marc-Antoine Mathieu – L’acte de scénographie." In: du9 (2012), (22. Juni 2014)  
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Dejasse, Erwin: "Bande dessinée alternative : mémoire et re-génération. Autour de l’exposition Alternative Chaos. Onafhankelijk Beeldverhaal in Wallonië en Brussel." In: Textyles 36–37 (2010), S. 91–100.  
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Doyle, Peter: "If Walls Could Talk. Spatialising Narrative in the Museum." In: Scan. Journal of media arts culture 5.2 (2008), (1. Okt. 2009)  
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Duffy, Damian: "Learning from Comics on the Wall. Sequential art narrative design in museology and multimodal education." In: Visual Arts Research 35.1 (2009), S. 1–11.  
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---: "Remasters of American Comics. Sequential art as new media in the transformative museum context." In: Scan. Journal of media arts culture 6.1 (2009), (2. Okt. 2009)  
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Flinn, Margaret C. "High Comics Art. The Louvre and the Bande Dessinée." In: European Comic Art 6.2 (2013), S. 69–94.  
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Glaubitz, Nicola: "Coyote in the land of culture industry. Robert Crumb and popular cultural memory." In: Moment to Monument. The Making and Unmaking of Cultural Significance. Hrsg. v. Ladina Bezzola Lambert und Andrea Ochsner. Bielefeld: Transcript, 2009, S. 197–208.  
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Herd, Damon: "Dieter Roth’s Solo Scenes and the Comics Art World." In: The Comics Grid 3.4 (2013), (20. Juni 2016)  
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Howell, David R. "The mystery of museums in graphic novels." In: Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics 6.4 (2015), S. 419–429.  
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Jehle, Werner: "»Schon bei Tag unheimlich genug … aber nachts! Brrr!«." In: »Mit Pikasso macht man Kasso.« Kunst und Kunstwelt im Comic. Hrsg. v. Cuno Affolter, Urs Hangartner und Martin Heller. Zürich: Edition Moderne, 1990, S. 66–73.  
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Kanazawa, Kodama: "Collecting Manga. The Kawasaki City Museum." In: Ga-netchū! The Manga Anime Syndrome. Hrsg. v. Hans-Peter Reichmann und Stephan von der Schulenburg. Frankfurt am Main: Deutsches Filmmuseum/Deutsches Filminstitut, 2008, S. 240–247.  
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---: "Manga Sammeln. Das Kawasaki City Museum." In: Ga-netchū! Das Manga Anime Syndrom. Hrsg. v. Hans-Peter Reichmann und Stephan von der Schulenburg. Frankfurt am Main: Deutsches Filmmuseum/Deutsches Filminstitut, 2008, S. 240–247.  
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Krantz, Gunnar: "Seriekonst och konstserier." In: Valör 2 (2011), S. 37–?  
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Levin, Bob: "Outsider Cartoonist. B.N. Duncan Goes to the Museum." In: Outlaws, Rebels, Freethinkers & Pirates. Essays on Cartoons and Cartoonists. Seattle: Fantagraphics, 2005, S. 71–81.  
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---: "Why Roy Lichtenstein is a Greater Artist Than Ghastly Ingels." In: Outlaws, Rebels, Freethinkers & Pirates. Essays on Cartoons and Cartoonists. Seattle: Fantagraphics, 2005, S. 183–190.  
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Merino, Ana: "The Creative Multiplicity of Comics." In: Comic Release. Negotiating Identity for a New Generation. Hrsg. v. Vicky A. Clark und Barbara Bloemink. New York: D.A.P. 2002, S. 64–73.  
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Miller, Ann: "Interview with Joost Swarte." In: European Comic Art 3.2 (2010), S. 209–215.  
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Molotiu, Andrei: "Permanent Ink. Comic Book and Comic Strip Original Art as Aesthetic Object." In: International Journal of Comic Art 9.2 (2007), S. 24–42.  
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Munson, Kim: "Beyond High and Low. How Comics and Museums Learned to Co-exist." In: International Journal of Comic Art 11.2 (2009), S. 283–298.  
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---: "How the French Kickstarted the Acceptance of Comics as an Art Form in the US. The Books and Exhibitions of Maurice Horn." In: International Journal of Comic Art 18.2 (2016).  
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---: "Revisiting “The Comic Art Show”." In: International Journal of Comic Art 14.2 (2012), S. 264–288.  
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Nadel, Dan: "What Went Wrong with the Masters Show." In: The Best American Comics Criticism. Hrsg. v. Ben Schwartz. Seattle: Fantagraphics, 2010, S. 214–219.  
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Picone, Michael D. "Comic Art in Museums and Museums in Comic Art." In: European Comic Art 6.2 (2013), S. 40–68.  
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Pigeat, Aurélien: "Rohan au Louvre. Couleur du fantôme et fantôme de la couleur." In: Textimage 4 (2012), (25. Juli 2014)  
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Raatschen, Heinrich: "Comics in Frankreich — vom Trivialmedium zum etablierten Kulturgut." In: Frankreich-Jahrbuch (1991), S. 177–193.  
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Rerik, Michael: "Queering the museum. Challenging heteronormative space in Bechdel’s Fun Home." In: Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics 3.2 (2012), S. 223–230.  
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Roeder, Katherine: "Chris Ware and the Burden of Art History." In: The Comics of Chris Ware. Drawing is a Way of Thinking. Hrsg. v. David M. Ball und Martha B. Kuhlman. Jackson: Univ. Press of Mississippi, 2010, S. 65–77.  
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Shepherd, Kameshia: "The Superhero Genre. Exhibitions Which Explore the Identities, Costumes, and Missions of the Superheroes in Contemporary Times." In: kritische berichte 39.1 (2011), S. 114–123.  
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Stein, Daniel: "‘Mummified objects’. Superhero comics in the digital age." In: Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics 7.3 (2016), S. 283–292.  
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Thévenet, Jean-Marc (Hg.): Bande Dessinée et Art Contemporain. Blou: Monografik, 2010. (144 S.)  
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Waldner, Gernot: "Im Museum abhängen. Zum Verhältnis von ›legitimer‹ Kunst und Comic in Arzach." In: Der neue Wettstreit der Künste. Legitimation und Dominanz im Zeichen der Intermedialität. Hrsg. v. Uta Degner und Norbert Christian Wolf. Bielefeld: Transcript, 2010, S. 187–208.  
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Winick, Judd: "Beginnings and Endless-ings." In: Neil Gaiman in the 21st Century. Essays on the Novels, Children’s Stories, Online Writings, Comics and Other Works. Hrsg. v. Tara Prescott. Jefferson: McFarland, 2015, S. 252–254.  
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Zünd, Marco, Philippe Petignat und Helmuth Pauli: "Beliebte Gegensätze, Basel. Museum für Karikatur und Cartoon Basel, St. Alban Vorstadt 28." In: Bauwelt 87 (1996), S. 2623–2626.  
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