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Agulhon, Maurice: "Le mythe gaulois." In: Ethnologie française 28.3 (1998), S. 296–302.  
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Allen, Chadwick: "Hero with Two Faces. The Lone Ranger as Treaty Discourse." In: American Literature 68 (1996), S. 609–638.  
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Andersson, Lars M. En jude är en jude är en jude …. Representationen av »juden« i svensk skämtpress omkring 1900–1930. Lund: Nordic Academic Pr. 2000. (622 S.)  
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Baetens, Jan: "North and South in Belgian Comics." In: European Comic Art 1 (2008), S. 111–126.  
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Bagdikian, Ben H. "Stop Laughing: It’s the Funnies." The New Republic1962: 13–15.  
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Barbour, Chad A. "When Captain America Was an Indian. Heroic Masculinity, National Identity, and Appropriation." In: Journal of Popular Culture 48.2 (2015), S. 269–284.  
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Bauldic, Michelle: "Allan Beaton’s “Ookpik” Was Here." In: Canadian Review of Comparative Literature / Revue Canadienne de Littérature Comparée 43.1 (2016), S. 137–147.  
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Benton, Bond: "Redemptive anti-Americanism and the death of Captain America." In: Studies in Communication Sciences 13.1 (2013), S. 75–83.  
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Berenstein, Ofer: "The Third Temple. Alternative Realities’ Depiction of Israel in Israeli Comics and What it Tells Us about Political Consensus in Israeli Society." In: Visualizing Jewish Narrative. Jewish Comics and Graphic Novels. Hrsg. v. Derek Parker Royal. New York: Bloomsbury Academic, 2016, S. 141–153.  
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Blanc-Hoàng, Henri-Simon: "Antiquity and Bandes Dessinées. Schizophrenic Nationalism Between Atlanticism and Marxism." In: Comics as History, Comics as Literature. Roles of the Comic Book in Scholarship, Society, and Entertainment. Hrsg. v. Annessa Ann Babic. Madison [etc.]: Fairleigh Dickinson Univ. Press, 2014, S. 15–32.  
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Bukh, Alexander: "Reception of the revisionist historical manga in Japan. A case study of university students." In: Inter-Asia Cultural Studies 13.4 (2012), S. 623–638.  
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Campbell, Bruce: ¡Viva la historieta! Mexican Comics, NAFTA, and the Politics of Globalization. Jackson: Univ. Press of Mississippi, 2009. (240 S.)  
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Chandra, Nandini: "The Prehistory of the Superhero Comics in India (1976–1986)." In: Thesis Eleven 113.1 (2012), S. 57–77.  
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Costello, Brannon: "Southern Super-Patriots and United States Nationalism. Race, Region, and Nation in Captain America." In: Comics and the U.S. South. Hrsg. v. Brannon Costello und Qiana J. Whitted. Jackson: Univ. Press of Mississippi, 2012, S. 62–88.  
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Darowski, John: "In a World Without Superman, What Is the American Way?" In: The Ages of Superman. Essays on the Man of Steel in Changing Times. Hrsg. v. Joseph J. Darowski. Jefferson, London: McFarland, 2012, S. 209–217.  
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Devarenne, Nicole: "»A Language Heroically Commensurate with His Body«: Nationalism, Fascism, and the Language of the Superhero Comic." In: International Journal of Comic Art 10.1 (2008), S. 48–54.  
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Dittmer, Jason: "“America is safe while its boys and girls believe in its creeds!”. Captain America and American identity prior to World War 2." In: Environment and Planning D: Society and Space 25 (2007), S. 401–423.  
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---: "Captain America in the news. Changing mediascapes and the appropriation of a superhero." In: Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics 3.2 (2012), S. 143–157.  
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Driscoll, Mark: "Kobayashi Yoshinori Is Dead. Imperial War / Sick Liberal Peace / Neoliberal Class War." In: Mechademia 4 (2009), S. 290–303.  
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Duncan, Randy: "Traveling Hopefully in Search of American National Identity. The “Grounded” Superman as a 21st Century Picaro." In: The Ages of Superman. Essays on the Man of Steel in Changing Times. Hrsg. v. Joseph J. Darowski. Jefferson, London: McFarland, 2012, S. 218–229.  
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Edwardson, Ryan: "The Many Lives of Captain Canuck. Nationalism, Culture, and the Creation of a Canadian Comic Book Superhero." In: Journal of Popular Culture 37.2 (2003), S. 184–201.  
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Goldberg, Wendy: "Transcending the Victim’s History. Takahata Isao’s Grave of the Fireflies." In: Mechademia 4 (2009), S. 39–52.  
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Inouye, Rei Okamoto: "Theorizing Manga. Nationalism and Discourse on the Role of Wartime Manga." In: Mechademia 4 (2009), S. 20–37.  
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Jewett, Robert und John Shelton Lawrence: Captain America and the Crusade against Evil. The Dilemma of Zealous Nationalism. Grand Rapids, Cambridge: William B. Eerdmans, 2003. (392 S.)  
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Keen, Tony: "Flying the flag. The superpatriots of the early 1940s." In: FA (2014), (3. Juni 2014)  
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Kern, Louis J. "Captain America. From Iconic American Super Soldier to Anti Heroic, Conflicted Embodiment of Super Power." In: US Icons and Iconicity. Hrsg. v. Walter W. Hölbling, Klaus Rieser und Susanne Rieser. (American Studies in Austria, 4.) Berlin [etc.]: LIT, 2006, S. 277–298.  
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Kibler, M. Alison: "Pigs, Green Whiskers, and Drunken Widows. Irish Nationalists and the “Practical Censorship” of McFadden’s Row of Flats in 1902 and 1903." In: Journal of American Studies 42.3 (2008), S. 489–514.  
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Kuebeck, Peter L. Aliens and Amazons. Myth, Comics and the Cold War Mentality in Fifth-Century Athens and Postwar America. Master of Arts (Thesis), Bowling Green State Univ. History 2006 (132 S.).  
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Lefèvre, Pascal: "The construction of national and foreign identities in French and Belgian postwar comics (1939–1970)." In: Comicalités (2012), (9. Nov. 2012)  
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Lesk, Andrew: "Redrawing nationalism. Chester Brown’s Louis Riel: a comic-strip biography." In: Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics 1 (2010), S. 63–81.  
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L’Hoeste, Héctor D. Fernández: "Resurrecting the Nation Through the Eyes of a Native: The Case of Turey el Taino." In: International Journal of Comic Art 4.2 (2002), S. 70–83.  
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Liscutin, Nicolas: "Surfing the Neo-Nationalist Wave. A Case Study of Manga Kenkanryū." In: Cultural Studies and Cultural Industries in Northeast Asia. What a Difference a Region Makes. Hrsg. v. Chris Berry, Nicola Liscutin und Jonathan D. Mackintosh. Hong Kong: Hong Kong Univ. Press, 2009, S. 171–193.  
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Lo, Kwai-Cheung: Chinese Face/Off. The Transnational Popular Culture of Hong Kong. (Popular Culture and Politics in Asia Pacific.) Urbana, Chicago: Univ. of Illinois Press, 2005. (296 S.)  
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Lovell, Jarret: "Step Aside, Superman … This Is a Job for [Captain] America! Comic Books and Superheroes Post September 11." In: Media Representations of September 11. Hrsg. v. Steven Chermak, Frankie Y. Bailey und Michelle Brown. (Crime, Media, and Popular Culture.) Westport: Praeger, 2003, S. 161–173.  
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Ma, Sheng-mei: "Three Views of the Rising Sun, Obliquely. Keiji Nakazawa’s A-bomb, Osamu Tezuka’s Adolf, and Yoshinori Kobayashi’s Apologia." In: Mechademia 4 (2009), S. 183–196.  
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MacDougall, Robert: "Red, Brown and Yellow Perils. Images Of the American Enemy In the 1940s and 1950s." In: Journal of Popular Culture 32.4 (1999), S. 59–75.  
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Marrone, Daniel: "Seth’s Ironic Identities. Forging Canadian History." In: Canadian Review of Comparative Literature / Revue Canadienne de Littérature Comparée 43.1 (2016), S. 169–176.  
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Martin, Karl: "The Love of Nationalism, Internationalism and Sacred Space in Watchmen." In: Sexual Ideology in the Works of Alan Moore. Critical Essays on the Graphic Novels. Hrsg. v. Todd E. Comer und Joseph Michael Sommers. Jefferson, London: McFarland, 2012, S. 65–74.  
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Marukawa, Tetsushi und Davinder L. Bhowmik: "On Kobayashi Yoshinori's On Taiwan." In: positions. east asia cultures critique 12.1 (2004), S. 93–112.  
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McDowell, John C. "National Treasures. Joss Whedon’s Assembling of Exceptional Avengers." In: Joss Whedon and Religion. Essays on an Angry Atheist’s Explorations of the Sacred. Hrsg. v. Anthony R. Mills, John W. Morehead und J. Ryan Parker. Jefferson, London: McFarland, 2013, S. 183–195.  
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McKinney, Mark: "The Frontier and the Affrontier. French-Language Algerian Comics and Cartoons Confront the Nation." In: European Comic Art 1 (2008), S. 175–200.  
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Means Coleman, Robin R. und William Lafi Youman: "Graphic Remix. The Lateral Appropriation of Black Nationalism in Aaron McGruder’s The Boondocks." In: The Blacker the Ink. Constructions of Black Identity in Comics and Sequential Art. Hrsg. v. Frances Gateward und John Jennings. New Brunswick: Rutgers Univ. Press, 2015, S. 117–134.  
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Middendorf, Stefanie: "Modernitätsoffensiven, Identitätsbehauptungen. »Bandes dessinées« und die Nationalisierung der Massenkultur in Frankreich." In: Zeithistorische Forschungen. Studies in Contemporary History 9.1 (2012), S. 76–97.  
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Mikhailova, Yulia: "Intellectuals, Cartoons, and Nationalism During the Russo-Japanese War." In: Japanese Visual Culture. Explorations in the World of Manga and Anime. Hrsg. v. Mark W. MacWilliams. Armonk: M. E. Sharpe, 2008, S. 155–176.  
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Miyake, Toshio: "Doing Occidentalism in contemporary Japan. Nation anthropomorphism and sexualized parody in “Axis Powers Hetalia”." In: Transformative Works and Cultures 12 (2013), (2. Mai 2013)  
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Munson, Todd S. "›Dangerous!‹ China and Xenophobic Comics in Contemporary Japan." In: International Journal of Comic Art 10.1 (2008), S. 155–173.  
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Nayar, Pramod K. "The Postcolonial Gothic. Munnu, Graphic Narrative and the Terrors of the Nation." In: Rupkatha Journal 8.1 (2016), S. 2–12.  
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Olaniyan, Tejumola: "Cartooning Nigerian Anticolonial Nationalism." In: Images and Empires. Visuality in Colonial and Postcolonial Africa. Hrsg. v. Paul S. Landau und Deborah D. Kaspin. Berkeley: Univ. of California Press, 2002, S. 124–140.  
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Penney, Matthew: "Nationalism and Anti-Americanism in Japan – Manga Wars, Aso, Tamogami, and Progressive Alternatives." In: The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus 7.17 (2009), (12. Aug. 2009)  
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Peterson, James Braxton: "Graphic Black Nationalism. Visualizing Political Narratives in the Graphic Novel." In: The Rise and Reason of Comics and Graphic Literature. Critical Essays on the Form. Hrsg. v. Joyce Goggin und Dan A. Hassler-Forest. Jefferson, London: McFarland, 2010, S. 202–221.  
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Robinette, Nicholas: "Ally Sloper, Escape Magazine and the Situation of English Comics." In: European Comic Art S. 84–102.  
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Robinson, Ashley Sufflé: "We Are Iron Man. Tony Stark, Iron Man, and American Identity in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase One Films." In: Journal of Popular Culture 51.4 (2018), S. 824–844.  
Last edited by: joachim 04 Aug 2018 12:32:58 Europe/Berlin Pop. 0%
Rouvière, Nicolas: Astérix ou les lumières de la civilisation. Paris: Presses Univ. de France, 2006. (228 S.)  
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Schütz, Susanne: "Mit Borges durch die Pampa. Der argentinische Antiheld Inodoro Pereyra zwischen Zivilisation und Barbarei." In: Bilderwelten – Textwelten – Comicwelten. Romanistische Begegnungen mit der Neunten Kunst. Hrsg. v. Frank Leinen und Guido Rings. München: Meidenbauer, 2007, S. 143–162.  
Last edited by: joachim 12 Nov 2009 15:44:15 Europe/Berlin Pop. 0%
Selmikeit, Katja: Marjane Satrapi: Persepolis – Jugendjahre. 2006. (19. Aug. 2009) .  
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Smith, Matthew J. "Die Tyrannei der Schmelztiegel-Metapher. Wonder Woman als amerikanisierte Immigrantin." In: Theorien des Comics. Ein Reader. Hrsg. v. Barbara Eder, Elisabeth Klar und Ramón Reichert. (Kultur- und Medientheorie.) Bielefeld: Transcript, 2011, S. 263–281.  
Added by: joachim 01 Oct 2011 02:04:37 Europe/Berlin Pop. 0%
---: "The Tyranny of the Melting Pot Metaphor. Wonder Woman as the Americanized Immigrant." In: Comics & Ideology. Hrsg. v. Matthew P. McAllister, Edward H. Sewell, Jr. und Ian Gordon. (Popular Culture and Everyday Life, 2.) 2001, S. 129–150.  
Last edited by: joachim 01 Oct 2011 02:06:17 Europe/Berlin Pop. 0%
Sreenivas, Deepa: Sculpting a Middle Class. History, Masculinity and the Amar Chitra Katha in India. New Delhi: Routledge, 2010. (209 S.)  
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Stevens, J. Richard: Captain America, Masculinity, and Violence. The Evolution of a National Icon. Syracuse: Syracuse Univ. Press, 2015. (385 S.)  
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Thistle, Lindsay: "Making up History. A Look at Johnny Canuck from the Comic Page to the Dramatic Stage." In: Canadian Review of Comparative Literature / Revue Canadienne de Littérature Comparée 43.1 (2016), S. 103–118.  
Added by: joachim 15 May 2018 11:12:19 Europe/Berlin Pop. 0%
White, Mark D. The Virtues of Captain America. Modern-Day Lessons on Character from a World War II Superhero. Chichester: Wiley-Blackwell, 2014. (234 S.)  
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Wilson, Brent: "Becoming Japanese. Manga, Children’s Drawings, and the Construction of National Character." In: Visual Arts Research 25.2 (1999), S. 48–60.  
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Woll, Allen L. "The Comic Book in a Socialist Society. Allende’s Chile, 1970–1973." In: Journal of Popular Culture 9.4 (1976), S. 1039–1045.  
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Yamanaka, Chie: "Domesticating Manga? National Identity in Korean Comics Culture." In: Reading Manga. Local and Global Perceptions of Japanese Comics. Hrsg. v. Jaqueline Berndt und Steffi Richter. (Mitteldeutsche Studien zu Ostasien, 11.) Leipzig: Leipziger Universitätsverlag, 2006, S. 193–204.  
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---: "Manwha, Manga and Cultural Identity. Comics Readers and Nationalism in Korea." (10. Aug. 2009)  
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Yanes, Nicholas: Graphic Imagery. Jewish American Comic Book Creators’ Depictions of Class, Race, and Patriotism. Thesis (Master of Arts), Florida State University, College of Arts & Sciences 2008 (70 S.).  
Added by: joachim 12 Dec 2013 23:44:58 Europe/Berlin Pop. 0%
Yockey, Matt: "Retopia. The dialectics of the superhero comic book." In: Studies in Comics 3.2 (2012).  
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Zehe, Mario: "Der Affe in uns. Kollektive Identitäten und Konfliktkonstellationen in der grafischen Literatur." In: kjl&m 15.3 (2015).  
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